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The Ministry of Tourism, Egypt
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History of Egypt | Egyptian Mythology | Egyptian Kings | Pyramids
Historical Astrology In Egypt | Christian History in Egypt | Pharaonic Village

Finding the Pharaoh's Vizier: More Secrets from the Valley of the Golden Mummies

11/22/00 FOX: Czech Team Announces Discoveries In 4,300-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb
11/17/00 Cosmiverse: Ancient Egyptians Borrowed a Scottish Design for Pyramids
11/15/00 ABC: Stars Tell Time: Egyptologist Suggests Pyramid Builders Aligned Their Monuments Using the Big and Little Dippers
11/08/00 ABC: Putting Tut to the Test: Experts Use DNA Tests to Determine King Tutankhamun’s Lineage
10/14/00 FOX: Finding the Pharaoh's Vizier: More Secrets from the Valley of the Golden Mummies
08/22/00 FOX: Incan Island and Temple Found in Lake Titicaca
08/08/00 ABC: The Pharaoh’s Clothing: Measurement of Garments Reveals a King’s Wide Hips
07/23/00 Far Shores: Mini-Pyramid Tombs Unearthed near Sphinx
07/20/00 FOX: Body of Ramses I May Have Been Found
07/15/00 US News: So how old do I look? The Great Sphinx stumps the experts again
07/09/00 Far Shores: World's Oldest Mummies Found in Chile Not Egypt
07/06/00 Far Shores: Chefren Pyramid Reopening After Facelift
06/30/00 FOX: Egyptologists Harbor Doubt Over Iowa Pilot's Desert Discovery
06/28/00 FOX: Egyptian Priests' Tombs to Be Opened to Public
06/10/00 FOX: Ancient Egyptians Wore Wigs: False Hair May Have Been All the Rage
06/08/00 ABC: Pilot Lands Discovery: Iowan Finds Ancient Egyptian Cave Drawings
06/05/00 FOX: The Mystery of the Talking Head
04/28/00 FOX: Egypt to Restore Citadel's 12th-Century Aqueduct
04/14/00 Cosmiverse: Archaeologists report new chambers and tunnels in Pyramids
04/03/00 FOX: The Mercenaries' Alphabet: First Alphabet Was Invented in Egypt
04/04/00 ABC: Ancient Pyramid Excavated: Opening the 4,000-Year-Old Tomb of Egyptian Queen
03/30/00 FOX: French Team Discovers Queen Pyramid in Sakkara
03/18/00 FOX: The Demotic Dictionary: Making Sense of an Ancient Script / Demotic Dictionary
03/12/98 ABC: Egypt Fixes Up the Sphinx
National Geographic
Gets Exclusive Television Access to the
First Undisturbed Tomb of an
Egyptian Official Ever Discovered" - NG Television"

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Wild Egypt Virtual Safari!
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


07/01/00 Sydney Morning Herald: Staring down evolution (Wollemi Pine)
Seismic Profiling Reveals Ancient River Valley And
Prehistoric Faulting Beneath Portland, Ore.
05/03/99 ScienceDaily:

Andes Expedition - Searching for Inca Secrets
The Ancient City of Athens
The Dinosaur Society

Archaeology Magazine
Official Website

* A 4,500-year-old Wonder:
An Immense Underground Tomb Makes its Public Debut

* Diving for Diamonds:
The ongoing saga of the RMS Titanic and efforts to protect shipwrecks and submerged sites

* Beneath the Black Sea * Fate of the Neandertals * Earth Explorer
* Mystery Stelae * Petra's Great Temple * Maya Caves of West-Central Belize
* New Tomb Found at Teotihuacan:
A burial in the Pyramid of the Moon may be a retainer of one of the city's earliest rulers

* Before the Pyramids:
Neolithic peoples in France constructed huge tombs that are today only visible from the air

* Oasis of the Dead * Dating the Pyramids * Sunken Ships of Pisa * Kennewick Update
* Neandertal DNA * Chieftan or Warrior Priestess?

Discovering Archaeology
Official Website

* World's Oldest Brush Huts:
Some of the Earliest Homes are discovered in Israel's Jordan Valley

* Mysteries of Mass Graves:
Native Americans Reburied Relatives by the Score in Ossuaries

* Swallowed By The Sands:
Archaeologists Hope to Solve the Mystery of Persia's Lost Army of Egypt

* Caribbean Archaeology * The Earliest Mummies
* Restoring the Map of Ancient Rome
* Hominid Craftsmen * Saving Sacred Mummies
* Canada's Iceman Revisited * The First Pen and Ink?
* Jewish Palaces of Jericho * New Interpretation for an Old Artifact

Other Archaeology News
12/10/98 BBC: When the Gorgons ruled Africa
07/15/98 ABC: Cosmic Doom and Creation: Cosmic Rays Shape Evolution
04/07/98 ABC: 8,500 Years Old: Ancient Canoe Dug Up in Nigeria
03/11/98 ABC: Ancient Forest off Oregon Coast: Stumps in the Sand
11/08/97 CNN: Probing for treasure-troves

FOX News
Ancient Tomb Opened On Live TV / Important Lost Tomb Is Discovered / Grave Robbers
Disturbing the Dead / The Pyramids and Sphinx / An Ancient Oasis Rediscovered

The Exploration Network
Hunting Hominids Series
Where the bones are / Hand Axe Hill / Pleistocene Park
The Dating Game / Out of Africa

Rosetta Stone at the British Museum / More...

Signposts Perspectives
700,000,000 BC- 28,000 BC:
Catastrophism, Lost Prehistoric
Civilizations, Forgotten Technologies, and
Missed Opportunities

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