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Pity the poor White Zimbabwean farmer, deprived of his swimming pool, servants and gin and tonic. More

Ayinde 19 December 2001

I am now watching this White woman on BBC cable, who is relating how she is leading a group that is fighting for their rights to live in peace in Zimbabwe.

It is amazing to hear how she condemns Mugabe for passing laws to legitimize what he wants to do.

The bias, hypocritical BBC interviewer cannot even pose proper questions to this silly mindless female who thinks that the only rule of law are those set down by the British.

But hearing this female articulate how he is passing laws to legitimize what he wants to do would have been humorous if we were not addressing serious issues. These hypocrites pretend they cannot reflect and see that their occupation of Lands in Africa was illegal and staying there illegally over time does not make it legal. They cannot see that Britain and the rest of Europe and America continually pass laws in an attempt to legitimize their crimes.

In fact the debt to African Zimbabweans is far greater than they imagine and cannot simply be repaid with land reform only.

But this is the power of European Bias Media; they convey what they want to viewers without putting things in a proper historical context.


Ingrid 20 December 2001

There are no White farmers in Zimbabwe. They are Farm occupiers. The farmers are the little people who get paid small wages.


Akinkawon 20 December 2001

BBC has been waging its own war on Mugabe for a long time. They try to sell the image that all was well in Zimbabwe before the Mugabe reform program. But for those who know the history, they did not peacefully hand over power in that country, they fought to maintain White control over all the major assets of that country and White businesses remained profitable because of other racist trade policies. They would pay their white businessmen far more than they would pay African businessmen. So there is an appearance that when businesses are in Black hands they are not as successful.

Most Africans having been reduced to subsistence farming and not having access to business connections especially in the European markets will find it very hard to remain viable once the European markets can source products and strike better deals with other countries. Black traders have to contend with high tariffs on their products and European/American subsidies on their agricultural products thereby making it impossible for Africans to export.

Most times they play Black traders against one another by offering a particular trader more in the hope that they could devastate another larger trader and farmer who would eventually be forced to sell back to Whites. These Whites suddenly get better prices.

Today Cadbury chocolate buys cocoa from Africa but under a trading policy these African Countries are not allowed to manufacture chocolate. They sell the cocoa cheap to Cadbury and import chocolate in Africa. This happens with many other products e.g. twine.

There is much written about these colonial practices that are still present today. The colonial system is maintained by the desperation of a people whose values are tied to European tastes and Greed (a desperate form of greed).

There is no way out for African businesses unless the people get better informed about these global exploitative practices and they are willing to develop products based on the needs of other African states. They must invest in Education that could give the people better values that are tied to improving their lives in Africa.

We often speak of the past colonial era without remembering that for many the mental chains of slavery have not been removed and as such most people are remote controlled.


Davy De Verteuil 20 December 2001

They came to our land violate every law of decency and every decent law now they dare punish us by their profligate laws of oppression by way of deception.

These Europeans think that they are the beginning and the end. They started mischief and they alone say's when it must end even when the aggrieved said; enough is enough!

I hope they impose these sanctions i.e. like no more UN condoms, no more expired medicines/drugs, no more un-salable food, No more bible thumping over paid two-time pensioners acting as advisors and counselors, no more Ex-war criminals in the name of peace corps, no more 2nd hand generators that cost the country perpetual debt burdens... Most people don't have an idea what the developed (money lenders) Countries mean by AID "Always In Debt".

Indeed, Mugabe stayed too long yet I pity his people as Africans aren't really understanding its way out of the clutches of so-called international norms/behavior and are threading a dangerous track to re-colonisation.

They say they level the playing field, while they stand as giants and others as dwarf in addition they continually shift the goal post when they can't find entry, that's after they used up all the adjudicators on their payroll.

If the Zimbabwean parliament changes the law lawfully to implement changes in the interest of the people then how can this be different from the hypocritical system of democracy practice everywhere.

What about England when the Blair posy ring the House of Commons hands to reintroduce 1970s anti IRA legislation to detain non-Aryan and Muslims without trial all in the interest of a few.

They have robbed us yet they stand dare to adjudicate.

Go ahead! Land reforms will always spell trouble anyway... Estrada tried it in the Philippines and the Spanish elite overthrows him and placed him in jail. President Hugo of Venezuela have succeed so far but the Spanish elite again is up in arms with the silent backing of the EU...

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