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Re: The shame is on Whites.
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There is not way to compare the situation of Blacks in America (Muur-Lan) with European settlers in Zimbabwe. Blacks are not oppressing, are not and have not had a colony of non-Blacks under oppression. MOST IMPORTANTLY, BLACKS ARE INDIGENOUS TO THE UNITED STATES IN THAT WE HAVE BEEN HERE FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS...THE FIRST BLACKS IN THE CONTINENTAL NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT DID NOT ARRIVE HERE DURING SLAVERY, THEY WERE ALREADY HERE. In fact, North America was targeted as a source of Black slaves in keeping with the Pontifax of mid 1400's and carrying out the racist conspiracy to enslave "descendants of Ham," found in the "new lands."

The idea that whites brought Blacks to the Americas and therefore Blacks are in the homes of whites simply does not apply to the Americas In fact, the descendants of the indigenous Black Americans whose ancestors once established the Pyramid Culture inthe Southern U.S., are still fighting to regain their one million square miles of land annexed during the Louisiana Purchase. The U.S. did not recognize the Black Waschitaw Nation in the same manner as the French and the Spanish, who both recognized the Black Waschitaw as a separate Black nation.

In 1805, the Waschitaw lost their lands and their people spread out. The same situation occurred with the Black Californians, the Black Jamassee of Georgia and other Black Nations of the Americas who were targeted for enslavement and the confiscation and settlement of their lands.
(See Khandi's Pages or the writings of C. Rafinesque, "The Black Nations of the Americas."

There are hundreds of million of Blacks spread around the world and in most areas they are indigenous to the lands where they live.

The sight of Africans scratching the soil looking for grains of wheat and being wasted by diseass such as tb, bilharzia, kwashiokor and the invented so-called AIDS disease has gone too far for Blacks around the world. Africa feeds Europe and the northern hemisphere where cold weather hampers agricultural productivity. Africa is a major producer of food, yet, much of Africa's lands is used for cash cropping and owned by foreign people of dominated by world bank policies. Hence, instead of African farmers planting food to feed the African population, the food is being planted to feed Europe who process the raw materials and send it back to Africa where it is sold at an expensive price. THERE HAS TO BE SOME SORT OF CONSCIENCE AMONG PEOPLE. THIS IS NOTHING BUT GENOCIDE AND A CONTINUATION OF COLONIALISM.

In conclusion, Black people in the Americas are the descendants of slaves, but they are also the direct descendants of Aboriginal Africans who lived in the U.S. and other parts of theAmericas for thousands of years. Being in the majority on lands that were originally Black and Mongoloid "Indian" simply does not give anyone who is a settler the right to see Blacks as anything but the race who originally owned the lands and to whom the lands of the Americas also belongs.

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Re: The shame is on Whites.
Re: The shame is on Whites.
Re: The shame is on Whites.

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