Posted: December 25, 2001 - Written by Paul Barton

Racial Quotas fall off all lists of preferences

This was a response to an article in the Fresno Bee that I wrote some time ago on an issue that is important in the well as India, (to uplift Black Untouchables/Dalits),Brazil and South Africa.
It was a thought based on research on that issue.

Dear Editor:

Once again, an article that clearly exposes the prevailing hypocracy of the conservo-racist element comes to light. Jeff Jacoby's (Fresno Bee, Wedmesday May 10, 2000) observations on the so-called "opposite" clamor for remedies to make up for past racism, slavery, discrimination, lynching, land theft (the Washitaw Territories stolen from the aboriginal Blacks of the Mississippi Valley are still being fought in court to this day, and in fact some has been returned), and other atrocities against Blacks throughout history to this very day, should not be remedied, clearly gives credence to those who say that paying reparations for the holocaust committed against particular groups should not be done.

The irony of the newly "rightwing" former leftists who are now on the conservo-racist attack on Black people is that these same hypocrites will never stand by and watch Germany, Austria or Turkey deny paying raparations to the victims of genocides perpetrated by these nations.

Anyone can proclaim the constitutitn as "colorblind," clearly that's their opinion. To millions of Blacks in this nation, the constitution is so color conscious that it does not even recognize Black people as full human beings, thus to Black people, the universal and ancient African constitution is more relevant to any move they make in making sure their human rights are respected. Truely, Blacks are full human beings and the world recognizes that...ancient, natural and moral laws recognize that.

Again another attack on Black 'leaders," who were chosen to be "leaders" by some of their very attackers. Again, how ironic. As a mater of self-preservation, Black people never depend on leaders but on traditional lore, the written word and customs of human and natural rights. Those who attempt to violate these rights will and usually are met with violation of their rights or some form of retaliaion.

Polls from professors and college students from institutions that breed the most racist types in American society is totally absurd and meaningless. However, what is even more hypocritical about this so-called "antiaffirmative action stance" is that these students and professors who are against progress for Blacks have absolutely no problem with other people benefitting from affirmative action, including people from foreign lands who steal American sectets to send to their homelands and who use these secrets and technologies to challenge America. That clearly shows how intelligent some of these professors and college students really are.

Also, at the present moment, while these hypocrites are pretending to be against affirmative action, the poorer of the majority classes are now entering and enrolling into Black colleges in the South and applying for student scholarships to attend these Black colleges and universities. Clearly, the Zogby International poll does not seem to bring out the facts. What they should have done was

1. Find out what percentage of whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, white women and others benefit from affirmative action at this very moment.

2. Find out the actual number of these people who benefit from affirmative action.

3. Find out how many of these non-Black groups who would out of principle, give up t their affirmative action benefits to those it was originally intended for; that being people denied opportunities based on policy, people systematically oppressed and enslaved to make a society wealthy, people (Black people) who once owned over one third of North America but lost their lands due to official church policy and colonial policy.

None of these people who claim to be against affirmative action would ever want to take the steps that are inevitable in a few years, if the reall understand that Blacks have a valid claim and that wasting time begging for affirmative action, which has been showered to these other groups since the sixties and not to Blacks.

Those who responoded to that poll are nothing but the world known hypocrites that many people accuse some of us Americans of being. Hypocracy can be proven simply by comparing the responses of the people polled and the actual reality:

"It is hard to shake the feeling that the public is fed up with being sorted by color." Well, Ask the question like this, "how many of you have Black ancestors and how many of you would be Black for a period of time?"

Are these the same people who about two years ago who responded through a poll that whites were more intelligent than Blacks? If they are so fed up with being sorted by color, then why are they not upset with swallowing in the same old racist stereotypes about Black people. What they are fed up with is that Black people are still proud to be Black regardless of what others think.

"Professors at the University of Connecticut disapproved of preferences in faculty hiring by a ratio of 2 to 1." Again, another exercise in racist hypocracy. If these people are so against preferences, then why is there a disproportionate number of faculty from foreign nations, including nations in Asia that are in direct competiton with the U.S., who will use American technology and knowhow to challenge American domination. And to these professors, Blacks are pioneers in the development of high technology in the U.S., but Blacks to do not steal american technology for foreign lands. To deny Blacks entry into American colleges paid for by Black taxpayers is a crime. To allow American universities to be dominated by others who are potential military and economic adversaries of the U.S. is criminal.

"Schools should give minority students preference in the admissions process," 77.3% disagreed. "Students in every category opposed affirmative action: whites 79.5%; blacks, 51.9%; Hispanics, 71.4%; Asians,78.1 percent, others, 78.1%"

Here is the clincher among these groups who are the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action, since the perception is that Blacks are the greatest beneficiaries, which is a blatent lie.

white women = 80% of affirmative action beneficiaries

white males = 10% (vetrans, disabled ect, wealthy)

Hispanics, Asians (Others) = 6%

Blacks = 4% of affirmative action beneficiaries

Now the above numbers are a more accurate account of who actually benefit from affirmative action in the United States today, and for the past thirty years. Why are the anti-affirmative action people not attacking those who benefit the most from affirmative action today? They woun't because the attack on affirmative action is a racist attack on Blacks that is totally wrong and will never eliminate affirmative action or set-asides.

However, the continued racist attack on Blacks is now leading to the call for reparations and for a separate electorate, and saparatism through economic and political independance.

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