February 26, 2001 - By Dr. Kuba O. Assegai

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Analysis of BBC Jesus Documentary

This piece from By Dr. Kuba O. Assegai is in response to an article 'British documentary suggests dark-skinned Jesus'.

I read the article on the topic of Zeus (Jesus). As you know the letter 'J' entered the English alphabet in the 16th century, so there could not have been anyone by the name of 'Jesus'. Even the Latin's pronounced the word 'Jesus' as H'zeus'.

In light of the Catholic church's recognition of its congregational base among the 'Third World' peoples, they have decided to adopt a revision of their image of 'Jesus'. You and I would argue that we don't want 'new images', although it is relevant, I believe we would rather the Catholic Church pay reparations for starting the 'enslavement of Afrikans in the Americas.

However, it is important to analyze the 'British Documentary', within a Eurocentric Asili (ideological core underlying a culture), then an Afrikan Asili. In the first reference, when the leimotif of the Durkheim, Weber or Marx analysis, are applied, the methodology of the programme is extremely flawed.

(a) As I have pointed out hitherto, the letter 'J' is a 16th century creation, augmented from the letter 'i'.

(b) The term 'Jew' or 'Jewish' began in the 13th century, after the destruction of Khazaria by a combination of Russian and Byzantianite forces. The Khazars who occupied an area which is today Ukraine, was converted to Ha Bru (Hebrew) in 840 AD (read Arthur Koetler, 'The 13th Tribe'). So the idea of using 'Bio-Cabon Dating' on the skull of a 'phantom' ethnic group, is unscientific and bogus.

(c) There was no such place in ancient history called 'Isreal'. 'Isreal' is an artificial Nation State created by the United Nations in 1948. Its creation was compatible for two reasons (i) the need for the zionist to have a 'Homeland' after they had collaborated with the Nazis in Germany to sent their people to the gas chambers. (ii) The guilt of their fellow Europeans about their silence during the 'Jewish Holocaust'.

Many of my contemporaries would recall their geography lessons, where the area today called 'Israel' was termed 'Asia Minor'. In the ancient period is was termed 'North East Africa'. Therefore, the subject, the object, and the foundation has no validity in reality, history nor science. Are the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Discovery Channel going to reproduce the 'Piltdown Man' experiment? When an English solicitor called Dawson, planted a scull, half-orangutan/half man, in Sussex,1912, and claimed that humanbeing have their origins in England.

From an Afrikan World View, the myth of 'Jesus' began around 30 BC with the story that 'Bocius' and 'Buncius' were born in a cave in Ethiopia. Since the continent of Afrika was termed 'Ethiopia', derived from the Roman 'Ethiopi' which means 'People with scorch face' even from the terminology of 'ethiopi', there is no rational for the belief that 'Jesus' could be anything but an Afrikan. So the question has to be asked, where did this 'Cracker' come from? As the enslaved Afrikans underwent 'Ife Akono' (defiled spirit) by the duel indoctrination of 'King James' Bible' and Micheal D'Angelo' painting of 'Jesus' in the 12th Bazilica,1611, we surrendered to 'Elenini ( blocked spiritual development) as apart of our maafa (great destruction). As the Yurugu (incomplete being) hegemony bambard our minds with these images and concepts on a daily basis, and intensified every Sunday, not to mention the other 'holydays', our resistance level has surrendered to the Ife Akono (defiled spirit). As our esteem deceased Elder Dr. John Henry Clarke, said, 'The Whiteman has not only colonized our lands but they have colonized the very concept of "GOD". Now the organ of British racism, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) masquerading as 'Objectivity' will take this gross absurdity to another level. Such bathos!!! must be condemned.

Wa Maat
Hotep & Sankofa
Dr. Kuba O. Assegai
Connecticut, USA.

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Reprinted with the kind permission of Dr. Kuba O. Assegai