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Jessie and Bill with their aids
Jessie and Bill with their assistants

January 19, 2001

"Spiritual adviser to President Clinton Reverend Jesse Jackson took his pregnant mistress to an Oval Office meeting at the height of the Lewinsky Impeachment saga, a stunning new report claims.

Washington will soon be jolted and storm clouds will form over Inauguration Weekend after a NATIONAL ENQUIRER expose alleges Jesse Jackson fathered a daughter conceived out of wedlock by a part-time RAINBOW COALITION staffer who was given $40,000 to relocate to Los Angeles where she now lives in $365,000 multi-bedroom spread and receives a $10,000 a month stipend from Jackson, it is alleged.

The NEW YORK POST is rushing to splash the story in fresh editions, according to newspaper sources."

HOTEP: Apparently, Jessie did not want Bill to have one up on him so he joined the ranks of great hypocrites. Of course, the hypocrisy did not start with this issue. This issue just puts it on the world stage.

Get me clear! It is not the sex with his aide that was wrong; it is the fact that he is a preacher who preaches against such conduct while he is engaging the same.

The point is one of hypocrisy not sex.

If he had taken and stated the position that people should be free to do as they will with their bodies once they are not infringing on the rights of others, then his action would have been a more enlightened one.

I would not waste time explaining the obvious fact that the release of this story was to discredit Jessie on the eve of a protest rally. However, he gave them the upper hand by his deceit.

If he felt that he could not abide by the values he preached, then he should have done some work on himself to find out why many people are unable to uphold those values and strive for a better understanding.

Imagine praying for the 'sins' of his friend Bill Clinton, while he was doing similar; this is tantamount to Satan trying to correct sin.

I hope people who keep putting their trust in mortals as their leaders realize the troubles they continually encounter.

People have to develop to be their own heroes and not be dependant on opportunistic hypocrites especially many so-called Black leaders. Many of them are making deals to advance their own political careers and financial positions by selling the caucus of Black votes to the highest bidder.

Jessie and Bill have proven once again that hypocrisy is an equal opportunity sickness that knows no color, class, preacher or political office. THIS IS AS CLEAR AS BLACK AND WHITE.

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