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Groundbreaking New Book
by Prof. Manu Ampim

Modern Fraud:
The Forged Ancient Egyptian
Statues of Ra-Hotep and Nofret

The Ra-Hotep and Nofret statues are seated in strange chairs with backboards and Mdw Ntr writing near their head. These statues are among the greatest forgeries in the history of ancient African archaeology.

In this long-awaited book on modern forgeries, Prof. Manu Ampim systematically documents what he calls "two of the greatest forgeries in the history of ancient African archaeology." For the past 10 years, Prof. Ampim has carefully documented that the statues of Prince Ra-Hotep and his wife Nofret in the Cairo Museum are not authentic ancient Egyptian statues, but were in fact created in the 19th century by the hands of modern conspirators.

Prof. Ampim presents a painstakingly researched argument to show that these famous statues could not have been created in the great pyramid age around 2600 BCE, and that they were instead created by modern conspirators in a bold attempt to place a strange pale-skinned couple in the middle of the fourth dynasty African royal family. Ampim presents an array of data to show that the Ra-Hotep and Nofret statues are indeed modern forgeries.

Ampim uses several categories of evidence to present a well-documented case of modern fraud. For example, he discusses:

  • The historical context in which the Ra-Hotep and Nofret statues were supposedly found in the 19th century, a period which has been considered by some historians as "the age of fakes";
  • Comparisons of the famous "Ra-Hotep statue" with all other known images of him, as well as comparisons with his family members and with dozens of other statues from the Old Kingdom;
  • The clearly defined ancient Egyptian artistic rules, which were well established by the fourth dynasty, and that the forgers of the Ra-Hotep and Nofret statues were unaware of these definitive rules as the forged statues, literally from head to toe, are in contradiction of these rules;
  • Other documented forgeries such as the well-known forged statue of Queen Tetisheri, which was previously displayed in the British Museum; and
  • The systematic and deliberate defacement and destruction of ancient Egyptian images on temple walls, in various tombs, and in museums around the world. Ampim describes this "de-Africanizing" process as "The Vanishing Evidence of Classical African Civilizations."
To receive notification of when Modern Fraud will be available for purchase, or for a list of Prof. Manu Ampimís audio or video tapes, contact him at: Prof. Manu Ampim c/o Advancing The Research, PO Box 18623, Oakland, CA 94619. Email: Telephone: (510) 482-5791 or 1-(877)-794-0700 x 3780.


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