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Sexing the Brain
Sexing the Brain
(Maps of the Mind)
by Lesley Rogers

How Brains Make Up Their Minds
How Brains Make Up Their Minds
(Maps of the Mind)
by Walter J. Freeman

The Goddess Black Woman
The Goddess Black Woman

African Origins of Major Western Religions
African Origins of Major Western Religions

The African Origin of Civilization
The African Origin of Civilization

Capitalism and Slavery
Capitalism and Slavery



The debt has not been paid, the accounts have not been settled
Posted: Monday, October 8, 2001

By Dudley Thompson

First of all, I want to thank the students and those who are responsible for giving me the chance to participate in these "streets of intellect." Listening to George Lamming alone is worth the trip. I hope you will agree with me on that.

I will begin with a quotation that could have come from Walter Rodney himself. Actually it is a quotation from George Lamming. It goes like this:

There is a perennial debt to be paid to black people for continuing of enslavement and degradation. There are those who believe that the matter is over. They are completely wrong. Actually, there are those among us who believe that the demand and struggle for justice and restoration to full dignity would take a generation to win a crusade for reparations. In unison under concerted strategy....

There are other words of inspiration along the same lines, for instance Kwame Nkrumah has said: "We can no longer afford the luxury of delay"; and as I have stated elsewhere, "The debt has not been paid; the accounts have not been settled." MORE

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Algeria: Ethnic Berbers have rebuffed concessions
Posted: Thursday, October 4, 2001

ABSTRACT BBC: - Ethnic Berbers have rebuffed a series of concessions offered by the Algerian Government, including recognition of their language, and have vowed to press ahead with a mass rally.

Berber leaders from the Kabylie region say the offer falls short of their demands, and that the government is trying to engineer a split in their long-running campaign for official recognition and justice.

President Abdelaiz Bouteflika, who has portrayed the concessions as ground-breaking, hoped the offer would persuade the community to call off their demonstration on Friday.

Previous demonstrations of this kind have attracted hundreds of thousands of people. In June a protest which included many non-Berbers degenerated into rioting.

The Berbers' dissatisfaction with the offer is reportedly based on the exact wording of the text.

They want their language - Tamazight - to be classified as an official language of the state, giving it equal status with the majority language of Arabic.

But they say the government is offering to make amendments to the constitution which would merely recognize the Berber language as a national language of Algeria.

The Berbers are also suspicious about the wording of additional government offers over legal procedures against police suspected of killing Berber civilians.

Algerian paramilitary police are accused of shooting dead some 60 Berbers during the recent unrest.

An official inquiry has already judged that the deaths were a result of police over-reaction to peaceful protests.

Concessions to the Berbers have been strongly opposed by powerful circles in the majority Arab community, in particular the military, as well as by the Islamist movement.

Since independence from France in 1962, the majority Arab community has maintained that Arabic must be the sole language to be recognised by the state.

That has always been regarded as an affront by the Berbers, who claim to represent over a quarter of the population and say their culture and language are distinct.

These people call themselves Amazigh. "Berber is a name that has been given them by others and which they themselves do not use. Amazigh history in North Africa is extensive and diverse. Their ancient ancestors settled in the area just inland of the Medeterranean Sea to the east of Egypt. Many early Roman, Greek, and Phoenician colonial accounts mention a group of people collectively known as Berbers living in northern Africa. In actuality, Berber is a generic name given to numerous heterogeneous ethnic groups that share similar cultural, political, and economic practices. Over the last several hundred years many Berber peoples have converted to Islam.

Contrary to popular romanticism which portrays Amazigh as nomadic peoples crossing the desert on camels, most actually practice sedentary agriculture in the mountains and valleys throughout northern Africa. Some do, in fact, engage in trade throughout the region, and such practices certainly had a tremendous influence on the history of the African continent. Trade routes established from western Africa to the Mediterranean connected the peoples of southern Europe with much of sub-Saharan Africa thousands of years ago. There are basically five trade routes which extend across the Sahara from the northern Mediterranean coast of Africa to the great cities, which are situated on the southern edge of the Sahara. Berber merchants were responsible for bringing goods from these cities to the north. From there they were distributed throughout the world.

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Is it an identity crisis?
Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2001

( Bhekin ) I've been watching world events for the past two weeks and, obviously, what happened in America last week has dominated these events. One thing that I found particularly interesting is how this event, like all other similar events, has shaken peoples' identities. People who identified themselves as Americans started fearing what they called an "anti-Arab or anti-Muslim backlash", and in some cases they were proven right by the way things have unfolded. For example, the first people to be suspected (just like in the Oklahoma bombing) were Muslims/Arabs, both those in Arab countries and those who identified themselves as Americans, i.e. those in America. If these people really believe that they are American, why does fear come over them in events like this? If the American government accepts them as Americans, why does it start by blaming them before it finds out who really did it and why?

Blacks in America seem to be in the same situation, those who call themselves African-Americans are treated by other Americans the same as those who identify themselves as Africans in America (the same as other Black people are treated all over the world). Not to mention Hispanics, Red Indians, etc.

What is an American? Who decides?

In South Africa it is the same, most Black people identify themselves as the "rainbow nation" in the "new" South Africa, but President Thabo Mbeki at some stage admitted that there are two kinds of South Africans, those who are white and rich (the minority) and those who are Black and poor (the majority). And then there are also some who identify themselves as "Coloureds", but in the eyes of the "system" they are Blacks. Can Blacks in South Africa be called South Africans when they are treated by the system as foreigners in their own country? Should we be happy with the situation as it is or should these people identify themselves with other Blacks, i.e. those in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Congo, Burkina Faso, etc. If one identifies oneself as a South African, is one saying that Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Congo, Ivory Coast, etc. do not belong to him/her.

What is this thing called identity? Is there a worldwide identity crisis? If there is, how should it be solved?


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Why Trust Arabs: Who clouds priorities
Posted: Thursday, September 20, 2001

( Sam Burnham ) It disturbs me to know that we are not carefull enough in what we say and know concerning the recent and indescriminant attaks by evil people in New York. Some of us seem to think this attack has created some positive outcomes...it has not. Some think America is the first Nation to rush to eveyone's aid... this is only true under very, very, very, selfish circumstances! Some are trying to rationalize the killing of innocent people and equate it to the struggle of black folk...black freedom fighters have nothing in common with these devils, neither would true freedom fighters of any ethnicity. Black people..Where are our priorities???

First of all, we all know Amerikkka has no love for us black folk and really don't care to much for other "minorities" either. However, we should NOT identify with the "Arab world" just because they have been oppressed! Keep in mind that the Eastern Slave trade was the Catalyst for the Transatlantic Slave trade. The Eastern slave trade, for those who don't know, involved "white" Arabs, "white Asians", and Caste System loving people from India who were...and are...no less racists and anti-black/African than European whites. As our brothers and sisters in Sudan and Mauratania fight against extinction and Arabanization from black sellouts and downright racist Arabs, we identify with people in "Palistine" who have yet to identify with our struggle collectively. Many people who are being oppressed now by Euoropeans were oppressing us prior to that time! where are our priorities. I'm sure I'll recieve the usual attacks and accusations of being "anti-Islamic" or "the Arabs were black" (actually the black original black folk in the Arabian Penensula were Sabeans...and never considered themselves Arabs), etc.

Some will even say that the modern Arab slave trade is a "Jewish Conspiracy" even though Chancellor Williams and Moctar Teyeb (A Pan-Africanst and ex-Mauratanian slave respectively)have been spreading the word in the 70's and 80's, none of them relying on info from "Jewish" folk! But that's not the point. Are we sincere in our struggle to be free, or just identifying with eveyone else? Just because others hate America and are willing to destroy US along with THEM (Euro-Americans), is this a reason to rationalize or justify the recent murder of innocent bystanders? I think not. Furthermore, many of these folk were black! should the murder of our black brothers and sisters be brushed off as "casualties of war"? No! A true warrior would not target civilians...these devils did! This was a massacar, not a war on America.

Second...yes...America helped create the anti-American sentiment that led to these attacks. However, a true freedom fighter would not sacrifice the lives of innocents just to kill a handfull of people who perhaps did deserve death. As far as the America helping everyone out thing, we ought to know "The Art of War", when we see it. The fact Euro-America sends more "aid" to nations and people who don't need it in one month than they do to "third world" nations and "relief efforts" in an entire year! Hhhhhmmmm!

We must remember that Euro-America is running the show here in America and will always put Euro-Americans, Europeans, and other whites above black folk whenever and where ever possible. Furthermore, most of the aid America "rushes" to give other nations, or domestics "in need' have constrictions designed to economically oppress, not help, the intended recipiants. In some areas, America covertly supports dictators and publicly "rush" to the aid of the dictator's vicitims. This is excellent for creating the false image of a "kinder gentler nation" that George Bush Sr talked about. Under this false image, America can destabalize nations, thus destabalizing their economies, thus compelling them to ask the U.S., IMF, World Bank, for aid.

Since America has a strong economic stake in the IMF and World Bank, this is an excellent form of covert ECONOMIC WARFARE on "third world" nations. Hhhmmm! Examples of this can be found in the "history" of El Salvador, Haiti, and...Afghanistan! The U.S. used the Taliban to push out the Russians in during the "cold war". Now their enemies. Hhhmmm! During the Iran-Contra Scandal, for example, the U.S. used Drug Money to help finance the Contra's in Nicaragua. This drug money was derived largely from black and Latino neigborhoods...with the full knowledge of high ranking members of the CIA, FBI, police departments, white businessmen in suits,etc. When the scandal began to unfold, America did not rush to our aid! They accused black folk of "being paranoid" or "blaming white Americans for eveything".

No, America rushes to help itself, while doing just enough for PR purposes! As far as American individuals giving Aid to others, we must realize that America is economically among the richest nations in the world. Thus those with humanity in their hearts will give what they can. Since America, Britian, France, etc economically oppress other nations and steal their wealth...it is NOT suprising why no one is "rushing" to help us...they collectively are not able!

Should we get those responsible for the recent events in New York. Of course! However, going to war against an entire country when we have the resources to find and destroy those responsible is immoral, politically motivated, and likely to start a U.S. verses Arab war. The escalation in terrorist attacks would soon follow. Therefore, we should understand why one person in congress was wise enough not to vote for war. She already voted for Bush's plan to "hunt down" the terrorist. If we truly want justice...not revenge...then we will only "war" against those responsible. Terrorist don't claim any nationalism to any country, so why should we make Any nation a scapegoat? Isreali Commando's ventured into various nations, even as far as Brazil, to "kidnap" Nazi war criminals and bring them to justice. This happened in the 50's and 60's via Isreali's that bought U.S. technology and training! Since they got it from America, there is no excuse why America can't use these same principals...which are much improve from
the 60's...to hunt down the devils responsible...without starting a war!

We need to be about keeping our issues as a top priority. Nothing good will come out of the recent attacks...especially for blacks. Now the U.S. government, supported by thousands of "grieving" whites, are trying to make racial profiling legal! We should not get caught up in the "patriotism", "pull together America" slogans, etc. Neither should we buy the fantasy world that eveyone oppressed by Euro-America is down with us. They are not.

We need to be about black people and their "need to know" what is affecting them and how.


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Patriotism? Just White Nationalism
Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Alafia Ndugu.

This so-called patriotism (which is really more arrogance than patriotism) will not last as long as we think it will. Sooner or later, Afrikan men in America will continue to be police profiled, Afrikan children in America will have their intellect questioned, Afrikan nations will continue to be destabilized for no clear reason other than greed.

It is straight hypocritical for this media to make it appear as if all is well here other than this tragic event. For those with either short memories or no inclination toward history, what happened to Afrikan people in this country AFTER the nation was rallied to 'defend democracy' in World War One??? What happened to Afrikan people in this country after the 'great nazi threat' was put down in World War Two???

Hypocrisy has NEVER been as blatant and at the same time as misleading as it has been in the last few days.

Am I being callious toward those families that may have lost loved ones in this 'mess'???

That would be up to those that read this. But i will never be drawn into some false sense of American patriotism and forget what has happened and continues to happen to certain groups of people in this nation.

And to think, there are capitalists out there making millions feeding people's so-called patriotism.

Interestingly, those whites that find themselves roaming streets with bats and sticks looking for some "foreigner" to exact vengeance upon are the very same ones that don't want to be lumped together with the sins of their slave-holding fore fathers and mothers.

I can hear them now: "I didn't have anything to do with slavery. Why should i pay???"

Tarikh Tehuti Bandele

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MARVELLING: The Conference On Racism
Posted: Saturday, September 15, 2001

( Orlando Marville ) The Conference on Racism has ended with the usual resolutions, but with a certain taste of defeat. I wonder if I am exaggerating when I suggest that this was a planned ending, with everyone saying that racism is the opposite of motherhood, but everyone somehow escaping any responsibility for what has happened to millions of persons on this globe. I would wish to make some observations on some of the fundamental problems involved in the idea of the conference.

The idea of a conference on racism was an excellent one. Racism is as rampant, if not more so, as it was in the distant seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when Europe began to talk of “progress” and of Indo-Europeans, when they pretended that Greece had created all the wisdom that mankind possessed independently and that Egypt was more of a backward, stagnant society than the marvel of civilisation and social organisation that it had been.

Racism grew up with the slave trade and Europe’s burgeoning cockiness that it was able to go out and conquer the rest of mankind. Surely, brutal conquest indicated a definitive superiority. Additionally, if Africans had been made into permanent slaves, how could one glorify Egypt?

Racism is a problem that we need to deal with. So is the question of what is happening in the Middle East. So is the question of the slave trade having been a crime against humanity. So is the continuing traffic in human beings in Sudan and elsewhere.

So is the horrendous treatment that colonising peoples, whether they were Spanish, white Australian, Euro-Canadian or Portuguese, dealt out to indigenous peoples everywhere. The problem arises when they are all lumped together in a single conference.

This benefits only those who have been the transgressors. They can then walk out of the conference on one pretext or another, but, if truth were to be told, they would never have been present at a conference that dealt either with slavery as a crime against humanity and reparations as the single topic of the conference, or the treatment of indigenous people in the past.

The problem was that we mistook this omnibus affair for a real opportunity to discuss the matters that are outstanding. There were, however, conferences that discussed single issues like reparations to Jewish people for the horrors of the holocaust. Was this proper? My unequivocal answer is in the affirmative.

What was done to the Jews was totally unacceptable by any modern standard that we now use, even if there are still Nazi apologists that pretend that the holocaust was a Hollywood myth. What was done to the Romer, whom we call Gypsies, by the same Nazis was even more horrendous in that it practically decimated the Romer population of Europe. By the same token, I would ask if slavery was a crime against humanity and my answer would be unequivocally yes.

It is therefore only proper that Europe apologise to the millions of descendants of the millions they enslaved and forced to work on their plantations. And, yes, there should be reparations as there were reparations for the Jews. How did the Jews succeed and we fail? There are several possible answers. However, the one that strikes me as the most compelling is that the Jews put forward their argument from a position of strength. They were organised at the level of the Press and at the level of a single state as well as in every public forum. We are not.

Indeed, while it would be extremely difficult to find anyone of the Jewish faith who would speak against reparations for the treatment that their ancestors received in the holocaust, there are some of us who think that slavery was not such a bad thing after all. Such people do not even see why anyone should talk about reparations far less try to understand what reparations involve.

Of course, they would not be averse to a bit of change in their pockets, but God forbid that we talk about reparation in terms of debt forgiveness for Africa or in terms of actually levelling the playing field or correcting the revisionist history that they taught both themselves and us. Frankly, if reparations are to mean anything, they must be focused on a correction of the past.

The simple disbursement of money will not do that. It means an apology from the Christian Church, which at every turn supported slavery. It also means an apology from that other great world religion, Islam. It means an apology to those dragged from Ireland and Scotland on the basis of some semi-slave system of indenture.

It means the recognition of where we have gone wrong as humanity and a commitment to do the right thing now and in the future.

It is simply not acceptable that the North Atlantic continue to preach about human rights as if they have some superior moral standing. We all know pretty well that they do not.

Now that we have had the conference, where do we go from here? Again, the simple answer is that we have had the conference and that is that. No! This is the sort of defeatism, which, had it been practised by the Jews would have left them in a continuing underclass to this day. We have to begin to learn from other people’s successes and not simply accept our defeats with finality.

There is only one way forward: the struggle must go on. We seem as a group of human beings, and here I refer to all of the disenfranchised, to stop whenever we gain a victory, almost as if the war had ended.

Orlando Marville is a retired diplomat and an expert on African affairs

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Attack on America - the enemy is always evil
Posted: Friday, September 14, 2001

( Ijahnya Christian ) Heartical Love to the Rastafari Nation

May the Might and Iwa of the Hola Trinity reign within I an I hearts for Iver.

Blood and Fire, Death and Destruction in the USA. I an I join all Imanity in feeling the pain of the victims and their loved ones who were simply reporting to work another day - but not because Caribbean people are among them and not because all this is happening in the USA. It is the pain that I an I must feel everytime in every place for who can breathe the breath of life?

I am therefore responding to the media reportage that has given a particular face to the terrorist completely forgetting the unrepentant face of Timothy McVeigh at the time of his execution. The terrorist is the evil infidel who has different genes, a different religion and culture and who comes from a different part of the world. The mother of the terrorist feels no pain at his birth for she and his father are not created by the Almighty like the rest of us but by Satan. Decent, civilized, God-fearing people like Americans do things in a brave, civilized and God-fearing way. We train soldiers and raise armies and ask God's blessings on our troops before we go off to fight other armies, trained by other nations to respond in a similar manner. We tell righteous lies to our people about how we won the war and may or may not apologise for the tremendous loss of civilian life - not just human but the evil enemy. It is the same USA that just decided that it would not even be confronted with the demand for reparations much less issue an apology for the transatlantic slave trade as a crime against humanity. Remember, part of the rationale for our enslavement was that we were infidels, heathens who needed to be enslaved so we could be Christianised. The terrorist prays before he does the honourable thing of giving his life for his cause. Honourable? He is a coward and his god is not really God.

I say we Americans for in the Caribbean Region, our world view is shaped and influenced by the USA. For some of us this is literal as well as symbolic. Uncle Sam is really our Uncle. I live on the island of Anguilla which is still a British colony but the USA feeds us, clothes us, shelters us and provides us with medicine. We allow its greatest tool and weapon to raise our children and then wonder why their behaviours seem so akin to those they soak up so many hours of daily watching.

If America says the terrorists are evil, then they must be evil and conversely the victim nation must be good. Somehow I am helped to think not just "what a terrible act" but "what a terrible act upon so good and upright a nation as the USA." Unfortunately, the history of the USA does not look so good. Nothing much has changed in the world and shortly, we will witness more in a retaliation that will be "justified" but will not necessarily be just. The allies in the developed no doubt recognise their own vulnerabilities. We on these small islands may be of no interest to the terrorists but one good hurricane, earthquake or volcano can give us the same result.

As I reflect on the carnage, it is the words of HIM immortalised by Brother Bob as 'War' that remove not the horror but the surprise.

"Until the philosopy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is War, Me say war

That until there are no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation
Until the colour of a man's skin is of no more significance than the colur of his eyes,
Me say war

That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all, without regard to race,
Dis a war

That until that day
The dream of lasting peace, world citizenship,
Rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursued but never attained
Now everywhere is War...

War in the East, War in the West,
War up North, War down South,
War, War, rumours of War..."

and further,

"These are crucial times when nations rise against nations, tensions increase and disaster is possible at any moment. Distances are shrinking. Peace and life itself are threatened by misunderstanding and conflict. Now is the time when man's relationship to God must be the foundation for all his efforts toward enlightenment, and learning, the basis for understanding, cooperation and peace..."

It is not the way our nation would have preferred to celebrate the New Year but let us learn from the events of September 11th. and let nothing detract us from the "basic premise...that men of all races, beliefs and status share some essential common goals..."

and further still,

"Our efforts as free men must be to establish new relationships, devoid of any resentment and hostility, restored to our belief and faith in ourselves as individuals, dealing on a basis of equality with other equally free people. We believe in cooperation and collaboration to promote the cause of international security, the equality of man and the welfare of mankind. We believe in the peaceful settlements of all disputes without resorting to force. All well ordered and modern states can only base themselves upon Courts of Justice and Conduct of Laws which are just, correct and geared towards the protection of the rights of individuals..."

Somehow I do not think that the USA is preparing to go to Court.

Just sharing the views of a Sister Empress with the Words of His Majesty. What do you think?

One Perfect Love

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A Rastafari View of the Tragedy
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2001

( Ras Forever ) Greetings Dearly Beloved in the name of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie the First.
As Rastafari who have witnessed the most massive death and destruction caused by a combination of events and forces on Tuesday 11th September in the United States of America. We would firstly like to express our deepest and most sincere regrets to all those who are now experiencing pain and trauma that most would certainly have had no inputs in creating. Our sympathies and wishes is for quick and successful resolutions of all personal difficulties and negative effects of the aftermath of Tuesday's events.

Secondly it is hoped that none of our Rastafari Collective and their families have been affected by the tragic events. If any are, our firmest heartfelt sympathies go out to you and yours. Can you please inform of us of your respective situations as soon as you can afford to do so.

Thirdly it is imperative that the idea that anyone, anywhere in the world, can use their weapons of destruction to settle disputes among the human family, be totally denounced and condemned. The slaughter of innocent people going about their business of providing for their families is a crime against humanity, always was and always will be. So as Rastafari an emphatic rejection of any such notion is compulsory and must be non partisan.

Finally as the world has been brought to the crossroads by force to confront a moral and political crisis. The question to be asked is, can the solution to this crisis be more of the same that brought us to this path, or is it our duty to find and shine a light to show another way. As Rastafari Collective we must as a solution, support and promote enlightened leadership, which exhibits moral guidance and moves mankind away from the paths that has failed us, one that has caused so much grief, pain and suffering to our fellow man everywhere.

Rastafari can lead the way and our support right now goes out to those families and individuals who are now hurting. May Jah Almighty bring healing and comfort to all afflicted, in any manner. Jah Bless, Guide and Protect.

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The US Failed to prepare
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2001

( Akinkawon ) For all who were not aware that America is more vulnerable than any other country in the world, the pictures tell a new story.

It is one thing to sympathize with the sufferings of some Americans but it is another thing to forget that America joined other nations in refusing to offer an unqualified apology for slavery. The American elites refuse to discuss reparations and they dictated the terms of the Racism conference.

It is not simply a case of being sorry for Blacks and others who were victims of the carnage but it is important to remember that in all struggles, even in the struggle for enlightenment, many people including Africans remain indifferent. Indifference is an enemy of us all.

While some of us speak in urgency about raising awareness and utilizing history to understand how the forces of nature work, others condemn such efforts and want us to focus on the illusion of now without deep reflection and attempts to correct past injustices.

Well as we see, while some of us are patient and tolerant, others act as the counter balance to that patience. Justice does not wait on mortals. It operates in the balance in nature between the enlightened and unenlightened, giving room for the enlightened to regroup and prepare for the new era while sending the unenlightened into heightened states of fear.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for those who felt we could get along without examining the past. The sins are here with us to be addressed.

Are those who did the damage innocent? No they are not. Is America innocent? No. Who but the dead should bury the dead?

I empathize with those who did not have access to a proper version of the history of the sufferings America caused many nations. I empathize with those who were not aware that there is a better version of World History, with which to evaluate their lives and make better alliances. But for those with the 'America first' Identity, they are the enemies of enlightenment as their arrogance of holding on to the illusion of an American (military brutal, and greedy) identity blinds them from their true identity. An American or an other identity that is not of our deep common bonds are all illusions and would leave people with false loyalties and totally unprepared to interpret the tides as they swell.

The Arabs are no better as they direct the world's attention to conflicts in Israel and Palestine; they are blinding many to Slavery in many Islamic nations like Sudan and Mauritania.

Now that Americans realize they are vulnerable like all other nations it is a good time for people to re-evaluate their identities and try to understand that our Identities must be shaped from and by our deepest common bonds.

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America Under Attack
Posted: Tuesday, September 11, 2001

( Woizero Sera'el Tafari ) Yesterday morning, I, like most of the world, sat and watched in awe, as the 'Great' America came under seige.

Again, I watched and listened to the responses of righteous indignation from the various leaders, governmental officials and the ordinary man on the streets of America, condeming this "cowardly act of terrorism on the strongest democratic nation in the world." That this 'evil and merciless' act, was the worst tragedy in the history of the world. BULLSHIT!!!

In watching this scenario unfold in America, the images conjuring in my mind, was that of my African homeland being invaded by a blood-thirsty, EVIL nation, hounding and capturing innocent BLACK people; uprooting them from their homes, their family and loved ones, their stability and sense of security, their FREEDOM.

I watched countless of ones jumping from the fifty-something and upper floors of the World Trade Center, trying to escape from the fury surrounding them; but instead jumping straight to their deaths. In my minds' eye, I saw countless of BLACK people jumping into the Great Ocean, to their deaths, from slave ships herding them off to a life of UNTOLD, UNFELT anguish, despair and sufferation.

I MAKE NO APOLOGIES, but the compassion and mercy that I could have afforded the Great America, is STILL not even enough, for my own people, and other deserving nations, MUCHLESS America.

Life follows the cycle of KARMA: Cause and Effect.


Woizero Sera'el Tafari

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