Dr. Chancellor Williams

Dr. Chancellor Williams
Dr. Chancellor Williams

Beginning in 1975, Oggi Ogburn had the honor of traveling and working with the great author-historian, Dr. Chancellor Williams. Oggi is a photographer, and as Dr. Williams assistant and friend, photographed him in his travels.

Capitalism and Slavery
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Since Chancellor was blind, Oggi became his eyes and Chancellor became a mentor who shared his wisdom and historical perspective. He documented this remarkable experience with photographs and audiotapes that provide an intimate glimpse of Dr. Williams life during this period. Because of his blessing to have a relationship with the Mighty Doctor he feels obligated to pass on to others Chancellors messages and stories. The liberation of the mind was one of the main messages. To understand the African way of life contrary to the European. The Ideologies and value system of the oppressors unconsciously become those of the oppressed.

Reeducation of Blacks will be required for the two mandatory changes in attitude: one toward each other in terms of mutual respect, and the other, a change in attitude about efficiency, expertise in business management and financial responsibility and management.

Dr. Williams was a son of the reconstruction south. His father had been a former slave, and his mother had been a cook, a nurse, and an evangelist. Professor Williams' curiosity, about racial equality and cultural struggles began as early as the fifth grade. Thus he devoted his lifetime and academic pursuits to the study of ancient history.

He conducted field studies covering 26 nations in West, Central, East and Southern Africa, researching some 105 different societies and language groups. The results are an interpretation of Black History from the conquered as opposed to that of the conqueror. He assessed the factors that lead to the downfall of a people who were once the "Cradle of Civilization." He explains what happened, how it happened, and most importantly, what can be done about it. Meanwhile, all of these insights and ideas are available.

Professor Williams published over 50 articles, professional books, and lectures. Among his publications are The Raven, The Rebirth of African Civilization, and the greatest book, The Destruction of Black Civilization.

Oggi Ogburn reading to the then blind Chancellor Williams
Oggi Ogburn reading to the then blind Chancellor Williams
This picture was taken in 1975 by Oggi. The photograph is called The Mentor

Photos and article supplied by Oggi Ogburn

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