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Re: Black Egypt? Hardly!
In Response To: Re: Black Egypt? Hardly! () I see your true colors!

Why is Africa the world's basket case? Hummm, could it be that because for the past 2,500 years it's been repeatedly under attack?

Your gross ignorance of Africa is monumental. Perhaps, you could use a Black Studies lesson:

1) It's interesting that on the one hand, practically every European nation has there hands in Africa's resources, both material and human...if there so great, so self reliant, why do they need to steal and rob others? What ever happened to their supposed Christian love?

2) So, now after 1,000's of years of rape, pillaging, murder and destruction, you have the nerve to look back on Africa with "pity", trying to raise a few meesily dollars to help? Wow, what a difference that has made! African nations are over there heads in debt because of Europeans's socalled "help".

3) African centers of learning were destroyed just recently since the 1500's, with the European invasion. There were four major centers of learning in West Africa, for instance. Research the University of Timbuktu.

4) African education is quite different from European education. We deal with spiritual things. No people on the planet understand God better than we...we are responsible for EVERY major religion on the planet...including Judiasm, Christianity and Islam...didn't you know that even the Buddha was black African?

5) Africa IS full of Egyptian artifacts, more importantly, it is full of their descendents! Furthermore, we/Africans created those artifacts of the finest material and workmanship. We wouldn't steal and hoard our own stuff! But, clearly others find our articles of God service to be of great value and in fact, every nation that possesses any of it has built large museum's to show our work off for ever.

There's so much more I think you should know, so that you can form more honest and respectful ideas about your African ancestors and cousins. But, I'm sure you really can't hear me.

Reality is, God is with us, inspite of what your lying eyes see. God creates both the seen and unseen things of the universe. You can't hear me, nor can you see me...your ears are dull and your eyes are blinded by falsehoods and lies...with all respect.

Lastly, I see you continue to dodge my question, which you HAVE NOT answered in previous notes. But, once again I will ask. Please show me evidence that whites were in Egypt prior to 3,200 B.C. (before the 1st Dynasty)? This is important because Egypt was born "full grown". Anyone who contributed to the development of Egypt MUST have been present during pre-dynastic times, perhaps even 10,000 years prior. If you can't answer to that question everything else you have to see is irrelevant.

Thank you!

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