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Re: New Pro-White Novel Just Released

Mr. Kendall:

First let me say congratulations on your book. Anyone who has the patience and focus to complete writing a book deserves honors. I hope it sells, to recoup the cost of time you've spent.

I'd like to ask you why you wrote such a book? Why the topic concerning "if whites became extinct"? I'll be upfront with you as well, in that I question your ability to conceive of a world without whites, if you yourself are white. I say this because in my experience whites have only given cursory attention to other races and their cultures. From all the reading I do of books on history and culture by whites, it seems few have actually experienced what blacks, hispanics or other races/cultures are like or more importantly accept the testimony of those others regarding their personal experience. Also, and especially because of the noting I've been participating in on the subject of Black Egypt where so many whites don't believe black people/Africans are capable of developing such a great civilization, I'm curious to know what the general theme of a world without whites would be in your perspective?

I, myself, for instance, have both high hopes and fears of what would be if such a thing ever happened. On the one hand, I've studied the writings of the first European explorers to visit West Africa in the days of Columbus (1500 AD) and according to them it was quite a nice place (see Lerone Bennetts, Before The Mayflower). But, since slavery and more importantly "slave conditioning" I fear that many blacks have been corrupted and may have problems recovering and developing a great civilization. In addition, the majority of all people are into the "paper chase" and are greedy and have abandoned the old school morality that was conducive to the building up of this great country, America. So, most people, including whites have a hard time keeping peace and creating a world where resources are commonly shared, corruption is checked through fair justice systems (i.e. not the "best justice money can buy" kind of thing) and people live without fear of war and crime.

So, with all respect, would you care to discuss your work and opinions with me/us?

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