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Egyptian Spirituality

I read where Helene attempts to educate me on Egyptian cosmology (read my profile). Let me share a few ancient Egyptian ideas.

First, let me offer a new and more effective definition of "Spirituality". Tell me if you agree. "Spirituality, is the consciousness of the intellectual nature of the Universe". In other words, the Universe has an "intellectual consciousness" and to be "spiritual" one must be one with the consciousness of the Universe. This "intellectual consciousness" is all pervading through nature, such that it guides the progress and change in reality over and above all other intellects (of man or beast). We may think we're in charge, but outcomes are invariably the Will of this "intellectual consciousness" or what we/African people call "God". Thus, some consider Africans to be "fatalist", resigned and content with outcomes. We endured the conditions of slavery. We endured the conditions of famine. We endured the conditions that life brings our way. Why? Because we BELIEVE that God/Intellectual Father, will ultimately guide and provide, or if we die it is His Divine Will and there's nothing we can do...but prolong the inevitable.

God is therefore conceived as the "Word", or "creature utterance" and also has attributes of "perception". "Hu" = Consciousness "Sia" = perception, in ancient Egyptian. So, when we say in English, "you see", you form the word sounds of ancient Egypt, Hu sia...or "are you aware/conscious/hu of this perception/sia". This is true etymology.

With that said, note that it is Africanic to consider "Word" as the most dynamic and powerful force in the Universe. The God Ptah, of ancient Egypt is the Supreme Creator God of the Bible, who spoke into existence all nature and life. It is said of Ptah that he is the "word on every tongue, the thought in every heart". Yet, Ptah never appears, has never appeared...even as the Bible states, "no man has ever seen God" (John 1:18, No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

Jesus is said to "declare" the reality of God, but is not God, is not Ptah. This is Egyptian.

Jesus, the birth, death and resurrection, is Egyptian, first performed in the Osirian Gerald Massey's, Light of Egypt.

I'm opening up this topic with the above. Please share with me your knowledge of Egyptian Cosmology. Jump on in, with ANY of your beliefs that you relate to Egypt.

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