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Play-Dough and Thomas are both backwards thinking

First off both of you come from races that haven't contributed anything to ancient history or Modern History. Play-Dough your race is naked in Africa TODAY and you want us to believe they were architects of civilization. You aren't worthy of fact feeding because you don't even believe that foolishness. Pharoah Khafre had the Sphinx built upon his image and he was largely a mediterranean of some type. This WILL be proven. There was a time when ugly, bald-headed female niglets were saying that Cleopatra was a "black queen." Mediterraneans have not long ago revealed that she wasn't but was of GREEK descent. The Afrocentric community backed off of that claim without adimitting the truth but heeding the truth.
1.Now that King Tut is proven to be largely meditteranean you are are hinging on to Akhenaton was "Negro." Nefertetti is clearly meditteranean.....Like her son.
2.Nefertiti's famous bust. Would you actually say it is a Negro with it's pale skin and flat, straight nose? The pink lips and cylindrical build is purely uncharcteristic of a Negro.
3.Do you really think these hyroglyphics look like negroes or like the man in the picture? With the tan skin & straight hair that flows over their shoulder?
The average Negro female head is bald as an egg. Some even with caucasian admixture which is why they wear hair weaves. There were blacks in Egypt but it wasn't Negro culture any more than the U.S. is. Or rather as much. Osiris, if he was a real person, was born of white goddess, Nut. You and that dumb fish-sloughing Ying-yang are two of the most blatant fools I've ever wasted time with. Once again. Egypt was multi-cultural but blue were used for Osiris because his mother Nuit was the Goddess of the sky. So blue in Osiris represents his ascension. After all Nuit is depicted blue as well. However Isis and Osiris were from time to time depicted as black indeed. this has more to do with metaphysics and nothing to do with race. It respresent their polarities and depictions usually lacks definition because of this. Also he was solely God of the underworld as well where as other's had other attributes. After all, he is commonly depicted as having a canine's head as well. Was he really a wolf? Why not ask that? It is said He was depicted as generally a black jackal because Jackals sniffed graves and he was God of the Underworld. Why black or blue these are merely morphological attributes of them they were depicted by the common man as primarily meditteranean. Isis also was depicted in MYTH as God of the underworld which is WHY some depictions of them are black. Black symbolized Death. As of there lives they were depicted as humans not Negroes. His mother was of pearly white skin and the most beatiful tone of blonde-hair. His brother Seth was white so there is no doubt that he was either of Caucasian, Cro-Magnoid or mediterranean blood.

4.Here is a strongly mediterranean picture of Isis. You know Seth, Osiri sister and Nuit's daughter.
Another with creamy colored Isis being guided by the God of the dead, her brother, Osiris. The 1st is her SISTER Nepthys who is strongly mediterranean.

Thomas you are lazy and lost as far as the issue of Egypt. At least the primate TRIES to disguise his ignorance. You go to another website where other idiots post there gibberish. You give no debate just copy and paste with your signature at the bottom. That's lazy. Egypt was neither genuinely Caucasian or Negro. Caucasian presence in Egypt pre-dates 7,000 B.C. But the population was not nearly high enough to lay claim on Egypt. There are red-haired people of color as well so that doesn't mean all red-heads were black. T-Boz from TLC was a natural blonde so a red-head isn't impossible amongst non-whites. You criticize Negroes but is no better.Yeah, they walk around almost naked, eat each other and hate human beings especially human woman but weren't Vietnamese seen in the same light? The French used Vietnamese to do horse work and instead of jumping off ships they burned themselves. You don't even love yourself. You use the "French blood" at "1/4" as your full identity. So in all actuality you put yourself below the wild beasts which is said to be atleast 3/5 of a man. Oh and uh, Play-dough brains. You unintentionally proved the white mans measurements of the negroes small scale Negro intellect. It is said that the Negro can score higher than the standard I.Q. tests on any other tests. Hiowever...Let it marinate. However, the Negro's inferior brain given the boosts applied evenly with a Caucasian shows still no closure in the gap between both's intellect with the white man still leading. Your gap beneath that white WOMAN's was 17 pts.I know Arabians and Melanesians I.Qs are in question but none is as poor as the Negro Your race was made by the righteous Gods, but not OF them. The Gods defeated an enemy and made the Negro to serve the human man. the Negro was made in the beginning to serve the people of the righteous Gods. The creation of blacks is a result of what was defeated and you were made from. You could have never accomplished anything if you were created to serve and obey people of God. Look at it like this, if the Gods loved you, wouldn't you have been made something worthwhile?

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Play-Dough and Thomas are both backwards thinking
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Re: Play-Dough and Thomas are both backwards think
Re: Play-Dough and Thomas are both backwards think
Re: Play-Dough and Thomas are both backwards think
Re: Play-Dough and Thomas are both backwards think

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