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Re: Black Egypt? Hardly!
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I see what your trying to say. However, I think you're somewhat confusing things. The Ice Age was from the poles towards the equator. Yet, the equator, which crosses the center of Africa, was never under ice. So, to correspond the Ice Age at all in the discussion of early man is irrelevant. Once the glaciers receded, then you have man migrating north into those lands. The ice came as far south as southern France at one point. But, not into Africa. About the "woolly mammoth": "Around 700,000 years ago, the warm climate of the time deteriorated markedly and the savannah plains of Europe, Asia and North America gave way to colder and less fertile steppes. The southern mammoth declined, being replaced across most of its range by the cold-adapted steppe mammoth (Mammuthus trogontherii). This in turn gave rise around 300,000 years ago to the woolly mammoth, Mammuthus primogenius), which was better able to cope with the extreme cold of the Ice Ages."

So, you see, there were mammoths, but not cold-adapted "woolly mammoths" in Africa. The woolly mammoth developed in the cold northern regions only.

The equator, where the first man developed, i.e. Africa, has always been warm and accommodating. Had there been total glaciation, man would have died out or there would be no AMH's.

In regard to "glaciated man", or those presumed to have lived in "glaciated" regions, research believes that this was the "neanderthal". He was white skinned, stocky, very strong compared to AMH's and very "ugly". Their remains are only found in Europe. No neanderthal bones have ever been found in Africa.

Studies are still being conducted to determine what happened to Neanderthal. Neanderthal was not an AMH. It is strongly believed that AMH's came from Africa and either replaced them without gene mixing (they aren't sure if it was possible) or some mixing occured but Neanderthal mainly became extinct. The remnants of Neanderthal-like Europeans still exist today, which suggests some mixing occured. It regard to anatomy, Neanderthal is suspected to have have been unable to speak. This inability is also realized in other people who lived in colder regions...understandable, you go outside in the northern winter and try to speak. The sounds you would make, the pronunciation of words, the inability to say certain word-sounds would show you the problem Europeans faced in coming to language, thus civilization.

Civilization HAD to start in the south and spread north, as the evidence indicates. The cold climate prohibits certain abilities.

You need to let go of this "heating up" theory of the earth. Glaciers come and go, but mankind only originates in warmth...never in the cold. The original man was not "albino". Again, if that were true, then Mendel's Law is untrue. Which says, "you can get the lighter from the darker, but not the darker from the lighter" in regard to genetic makeup. Two whites will never produce a black, brown, or red person.

Melanated man is the "norm" on the planet. In other words, being black or colored (any color) is normal. Being white is the result of living under non-normal conditions..."non-normal" for the natural development of mankind. Meaning, if you create something in warmth/heat, it's natural for it to thrive in those same conditions. Things do move around and because we are so wonderfully made (God), we adapt to new environments. However, to thrive one must be in it's natural environment, where it was created...which is in the sun, the warmth.

Lastly, though you dismissed the work. The Nubian digs conducted by the Univ of Chicago's Oriental department are world-shattering. To find that Nubia possessed Egyptian religious ideas 1,000 years before Egypt came into existence is phenomenal and to be expected. They made an excellent choice to go south to find the origin of Egypt...and they found it!

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