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Re: We are not the same!
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The fact that the Negroid Gene, mixed with any other recessive genes (Caucasoid, Mongloid) will result in the other older, recessive genes' dissapearance.

This proves that the pure Negroid genes:
-skin "black as night"
-hair that will "break" and fall off at a certain length
-extra thick and big lips to absorb humidity in the air
-flat but wide nose to help move air to the lungs to "cool down" the body

this proves that these pure "Negroid" genes to be, occuring later and after the other Racial type genes, as an improvement to better adapt to the changing climate of it started to heat up after the last Glacial Ice Age.

If the pure Negroid genes, as described earlier, were indeed the original Physical traits of the first "Anatomically modern" humans.

than wouldn't it stand to reason, that the mixture of the Negroid gene with any other type of racial genes, forever erase that original Negroid genes?...As a reflective proof to the Laws of Natural selection?

If the Negroid gene is indeed the oldest...than the mixing of such Negroid racial features with, for example, the Caucasoid gene...should result in a dominate "white" offspring?...Since, according Afro-centrist ideology...Negroids genes came first...

the stronger the genes...the newer and later these racial genes should aid in adaptation...of later occuring and changing enviroments...

The history and order of the climaic changes of this planet is...reflected on it's many different faces...of the many different racial types...

These people are the living proof that Caucasian genes are the most recessive...and therefore the oldest. Negroid genes the strongest...and therefore the newest and latest human, physical evolutionary changes of improvements...


-Tiger Woods: father black, mother asian
-Colln Powell: Scottish and negroid
-Maria Carey: father black, mother white
-Lenny Kravitz: father jewish, mother black

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