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Re: We are not the same!
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Your science is're just guessing at this!

>The fact that the Negroid Gene, mixed with any other recessive genes (Caucasoid, Mongloid) will result in the other older, recessive genes' dissapearance.

P: Negroid genes aren't "recessive" but "dominant", and that results in the very opposite of what you're saying. When the negro mates with caucasoid or mongoloid the child comes out resembling the negro, because the negro genes are dominant. The "older" genes (as you state) of the negro cause the disappearance of the caucasoid and mongoloid. Isn't this one of the key driving forces for white supremacy and the preservation of their race?

>This proves that the pure Negroid genes:
-skin "black as night"
-hair that will "break" and fall off at a certain length
-extra thick and big lips to absorb humidity in the air
-flat but wide nose to help move air to the lungs to "cool down" the body

P: This is a stereotype.

>this proves that these pure "Negroid" genes to be, occuring later and after the other Racial type genes, as an improvement to better adapt to the changing climate of it started to heat up after the last Glacial Ice Age.

P: Hold on, Africans stayed in Africa from their origin until roughly 80,000 B.C....isn't that correct? That's what you have said previously, that migrations from African began 80K B.C. and that's what science says. There weren't "other people" else where on the planet prior to this...correct? The last glacial epoch started in 70,000 B.C. and ended around 10,000 B.C....correct? It was those who had left between 80K and 70K that became trapped behind the glaciers...correct? There was no "adaptation to changing climate in Africa", Africa was, is and always will be hot, until this world ends. You're sticking to a false premise regarding African climate.

>If the pure Negroid genes, as described earlier, were indeed the original Physical traits of the first "Anatomically modern" humans. than wouldn't it stand to reason, that the mixture of the Negroid gene with any other type of racial genes, forever erase that original Negroid genes?...As a reflective proof to the Laws of Natural selection?

P: HELL NO! In fact the opposite has been the case. Again, the Negro gene is "dominant" and erases characteristics in other races...this is a fact and the reality. Maybe I don't understand what you mean here...provide me an example of how Negroid genes are erased when a negro and any other race mix? I mean I see where a white and black mix, the child is no longer white...we call them "mulattos" correct? But, I haven't seen a pure white child (blue eyed and blond) come from a true negro and white mating.

>If the Negroid gene is indeed the oldest...than the mixing of such Negroid racial features with, for example, the Caucasoid gene...should result in a dominate "white" offspring?...Since, according Afro-centrist ideology...Negroids genes came first...

P: Again you've got this completely backwards. Negro is the original human, people of color, absent of all "recessive" traits. White's picked up "recessive" traits from being in "colder" climates. Therefore, when they mix back with the negro, who possesses the original and dominant traits, the "mulatto" is produced...melanin begins to produce color again. Do you understand this?

>the stronger the genes...the newer and later these racial genes should aid in adaptation...of later occuring and changing enviroments...

P: You're wrong. The Negro gene had all the adaptability it needed to deal with the various climates. But, when mutations occur, as from prolonged exposure to a particular climate (like cold, for instance), "natural selection" takes away from the original gene quality in favor of traits needed for survival in the current environment. Problem is, once that happens, it's hard to get back to the original state.

>The history and order of the climaic changes of this planet is...reflected on it's many different faces...of the many different racial types...

P: This is true, the colder it gets the lighter people get. Man originated in the heat and much later moved to the cold, and then came whites and other races...correct?

>These people are the living proof that Caucasian genes are the most recessive...and therefore the oldest.

P: You got half of it right, caucasian genes are the most recessive, but science contradicts you on the idea that this implies they are the oldest. Where do you get this from?

>Negroid genes the strongest...and therefore the newest and latest human, physical evolutionary changes of improvements...

P: Again, where are you getting this from? Negroid genes? There are no "negroid" genes...that's a racist remark. Everyone has the same genes. Being able to darken in light and get lighter in the dark/cold, is the normal behavior of genes. This is the "oldest" gene. But, the problem is that once those genes go through great and extreme change (i.e. melanin production is totally suppressed) it's difficult, nearly impossible to get it to produce color again. You sit in the sun and you tan/burn...but alas, it peels off. This is the melanin cell's attempt at normal functioning.


-Tiger Woods: father black, mother asian
-Colln Powell: Scottish and negroid
-Maria Carey: father black, mother white
-Lenny Kravitz: father jewish, mother black

P: No, they follow the scientific method advanced by Mendel's Law. Tiger is darker than his Asian mother. Colin is darker than his Scottish parent, Maria is darker than her white mother, Lenny is darker than his jewish father. The melanian producing cell apparent in black people is a genetically dominant trait and a normal functioning of that cell/genes. Do you understand what "recessive" and "dominant" mean in regard to genetic's the definition:

genetic dominant
Of, relating to, or characteristic of a pattern of inheritance of an autosomal trait that is expressed by a gene that ALWAYS manifests itself phenotypically

(In other words, the genetic dominant trait will always manifest itself in mating)

Note that you can't search and find "genetic recessive" on goggle, it takes you to "mutations" and "disorders". Recessive genes are not normal...and as such could never be the original condition of man.

Now, I'm inclined to allow you your conceptions, considering you're speaking from your own experience. To you, since you are recessive, you're inclined to think that must be "normal" and the way things have always been. But, this is part of the delusion that characterizes the Racist mind. For you own salvation, and that of your offspring, it is important that you know the truth and make decisions that would lead to your successful existance, among normal people, for ever. As long as you make yourself the center of reality, it's no better than a mule trying to say the's a short lived existence.

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