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To Whom it may concern, I have recently been inspired to promote the knowledge of people of African roots in Latin America. Im in total agreement with this reading. I would just like to take the time to express some of my views and understanding. Recently my social encounters with some people from spanish speaking countries have uncovered some disturbing news regarding this topic. With an exception of some, most are ignorant or in denial of these facts. Some have even take the stance to say that Afro-Americans put to much emphazise on race and have succomb to the one drop theory or even that we are trying to impose are racial characterization views on them. Granted these countries, not to my knowledge, have gone through any civil rights struggle or a black power movement as intense as the one in the United States or any major slave rebellions seen in the english speaking islands. It seems to me that the language and some brainwashing tactics from the spainards have set up a divideing barrier. Statements like a Hatian is black and a Dominican is Hispanic or Spanish is mind boggling when both sides of the island had slaves more then likely from the some countries and tribes from Africa, let alone the features the complexion and features. Because I speak english doesn't make me a englishmen nor is a Hatian a Frenchmen. As an American we are part to blame. Not so much directly but, because of are education in the white public school system. Besides once a month, depending on the location of the school, we rarely were taught are own history. When they did teach it they spoke of a few well known figures and at the curriculums discretion. Not one famous Afro-latino was ever mention until I did my own studies in college. Even during black history month, not to my knowledege, do we recognize any Afro-Latinos. We have seem to limit are focus on African Americans as if black history is limited to America. however we include people like Marcus Garvy a Jamaican and Nelson Mandela a South African just to name a few, we forget about are Latino borthers and sisters stuck in the struggle. I learned that they have their own month which is in September where some of the famous blacks who speak Spanish my be mentioned as if they are a different type of black. Black is a international race of African Origin and the history should be international as well.People have to know that slavery was not limited to the states so niether should its history. If you want to recongnize famous black acheivers such as Lou Rawls a musicain then we should feel comfortable with saying Ceila Cruz in the same sentence, another black musician, from Cuba who openly proclaimed her blackness and was a inspiration for other black Latinos. You can also go on to mention people like Antonio Maceo the Afro-Cuban who fought for the independence of his country along side thousands of other slaves. Even in these modern times people like Jesus Chucho Garcia, founder of the Afro-Venezuelan Network and maybe even someday President Hugo Chavez who recently openly spoke of his mixed African roots during an inteview in response to the racial slur ''mono''(monkey) that he was called by members of the European opposition in his country. I admit learning of these people maybe limited to books and the internet beings though spanish television is as racist as they come and are networks aren't any better with their biased media coverage. however, I feel that spreading the knowledge of their existence of yesterday and today will help in understanding the issues and hardships are brothers and sisters are facing in Latin America. Since most of these countries they live in aren't willing to help or in denile of these atrocities it is are duty to spread the knowledge and do what we can to help. If this message is recieved please responed via e-mail with more information and advise if anything can be done locally to help. Thank you for your time and God Bless.

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