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Alternative News from the Web - Pt 3
» President Mugabe and opposition sign talks deal July 21, 2008
» UN chief hails signing of Zimbabwe deal July 21, 2008
» Text: Memorandum of Understanding between Zanu PF and the MDC
» If only insults could help Zimbabwe! July 21, 2008
» The return of colonial relations? July 21, 2008
The Patriotic Front, whether the ZANU or before this ZAPU, has held that (a) land reform was a priority and that (b) compensation must be paid by the colonising power: Britain. This is the fundamental issue.
» Western Lies and Hypocrisy:
   How Zimbabwe Exposes Mainstream Media
July 20, 2008
» Zimbabwe to sell firms to Eastern countries if E.U. imposes sanctions
July 20, 2008: The Zimbabwean government will sell companies owned by Western countries to local companies and 'friendly' Eastern countries if the European Union imposes sanctions against the government of Zimbabwe, according to weekend reports from the country.
» Tanzanian PM urges recognition of Mugabe July 20, 2008
» Tanzania should learn from Zimbabwe's indigenization laws - CTI
July 20, 2008: Tanzania has indicated that it will learn from Zimbabwe's indigenization laws in order to make sure that the fruits of their labour in the extractive industries are retained in the country for the benefit of Tanzanians.
» Zuma defends Mugabe stand July 19, 2008
He said the international community was exaggerating the situation in Zimbabwe. "People exaggerate Zimbabwe. We have had problems in the continent, but the world does not raise the alarm as it has done in Zimbabwe. We had millions dying in Angola, Congo, Rwanda and Burundi but no one said the sky must fall."
» Zimbabwe: AU, UN set to monitor talks July 19, 2008
» 'Sadc Tribunal has no legal mandate to nullify member states laws'
   July 19, 2008
» Chinese doctors in Zimbabwe praised July 18, 2008
» AU, U.N. endorse Mbeki mediation of Zimbabwe talks July 18, 2008
» Pakistan, Zimbabwe ink agreement to avoid double taxation July 18, 2008
» India Unwilling to Censure Mugabe July 18, 2008
» The Cost of Being a Revolutionary July 18, 2008
» Zimbabwe is not Liberia July 18, 2008
...the Liberian case was "well managed" because there was an easy formula, and land was not the central issue in the former American slave colony.
» Sadc land case: Zimbabwe lawyers walk out July 18, 2008
» US may send troops to Darfur - Senegal July 18, 2008
The US president may send troops to Darfur if African leaders fail to put an end to the region's conflicts, Senegal's president says.
» Tanzania eager to adopt Zim's mining laws July 17, 2008
» Criminal sanctions not the panacea to solving Zimbabwe's challenges
   July 17, 2008
» India says will not interfere in Zimbabwe's affairs July 17, 2008
Addressing reporters yesterday, India's foreign secretary Shivshankar Menon said India was "looking to the African Union on the Zimbabwe crisis and would follow its lead". "India does not interfere in the internal affairs of another country".
» Twenty20: India block isolation of Zimbabwe July 17, 2008
» China says U.S. should agree to disagree July 17, 2008
» Zimbabwe to benefit from legal ivory trade July 17, 2008
» Zimbabwe says land reform inevitable July 17, 2008
» Mugabe meets special envoy from Mozambique July 17, 2008
» China reiterates dialogue, negotiation over Zimbabwe issue July 17, 2008
» Q&A: Framework and progress of Zimbabwe talks July 17, 2008
» Nkrumah: Africans Need No Babysitting July 17, 2008
» Jacob Zuma speaks on the liberation movements and democracy July 17, 2008
» Al Bashir at the ICC July 16, 2008
The likelihood and possibility of bringing the Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court for genocide has sparked a lot of debate. If it goes ahead it would set a precedent in international law which could open a 'floodgate' of possible indictments that could disrupt many governments across the world.
» New Zimbabwe mediator a 'fake issue' July 16, 2008
...talks between Zanu PF and the two Movement for Democratic Change factions were continuing and there had been no indication, to his knowledge, that an additional mediator was needed.
» Namibian president urges African leaders to assist Zimbabwe
   July 16, 2008
» Zimbabwe: UK hypocrisy exposed July 16, 2008
» MDC abandons preconditions, begins talks July 16, 2008
» Aziz Pahad hits back at US and UK over UNSC criticism July 15, 2008
» Zimbabwe sanctions no longer a hidden issue July 15, 2008
» Africa will never abandon Zimbabwe July 15, 2008
» Harare talks stutter as MDC lists demands July 15, 2008
» S. Africa slams 'unacceptable' US criticism in Zimbabwe row
July 15, 2008: South Africa on Tuesday labelled as "unacceptable" suggestions by a US ambassador at the United Nations that President Thabo Mbeki was "out of touch" regarding Zimbabwe's political crisis.
» UK steps up regime change agenda, hunts for suspected assets
   July 15, 2008
» Minister to testify in land case July 15, 2008
» Gordon Brown: bewildered, frustrated and desperate July 15, 2008
» More political parties in Zimbabwe seek places in inter-party talks
» Zimbabwe thanks China, Russia for UN veto July 14, 2008
» Peace talks reportedly stalled July 14, 2008
» Stephen Gowans on Zimbabwe Elections II (Audio)
» Africans must help Zimbabwe defeat sanctions July 14, 2008
» Tsivangirai not best option for Zimbabwe July 12, 2008
African leaders should understand that no African country will survive with neocolonialism. For Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Foreign Affairs minister to claim that Zimbabwe does not represent a democracy is a sham, hypocritical and a sign of allegiance to the West. The West has demonised Mugabe, but Tsivangirai is not the better option.
» UK/USA/MDC: Bandaging the Truth July 12, 2008
» 'Dodgy Dossier' on Zimbabwe crushed July 12, 2008
What exactly is happening to the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown? In June he suffered a humiliation local election defeat which left his party with one of the worst election outcomes in decades. Then came the Mayor of London election which Labour candidate Ken Livingstone dismally lost to 'cartoon character' Boris Johnson. Yesterday his 'dodgy sanctions dossier' calling for sanctions on Zimbabwe was crushed by Russia and China.
» Russia, China veto U.S.-drafted resolution on Zimbabwe
July 11, 2008: Opponents of the resolution argued that sanctions would undermine the mediation efforts of the African Union and the Southern African Development Community and endanger the negotiation process between the Zimbabwean government and the opposition.
They also said that the Zimbabwean issue arises from an internal dispute and therefore does not fit into the purview of the Security Council, which, as authorized by the UN Charter, should deal with threats to regional or international peace and security.

» Britain 'very disappointed' at veto of UN Zimbabwe sanctions
July 11, 2008: Russia and China joined South Africa, Libya and Vietnam in opposing the US draft, which would have imposed an assets freeze and a travel ban on Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe and 13 members of his regime, and an arms embargo.
» Africa Advocacy and The Zimbabwe Factor July 10, 2008
» Western media lies exposed July 10, 2008
» UN vote on Zimbabwe cancelled - S.Council chair July 10, 2008
The United Nations Security Council Thursday cancelled a sanctions vote against Zimbabwe because the US did not table the vote and some members indicated that they preferred to back South African President Thabo Mbeki's mediation efforts.
» In Defence of Robert Mugabe July 09, 2008
» Media lies, "broken limbs" and greed in Zimbabwe July 09, 2008
In the past few weeks alone the Guardian has treated us to an article calling for the immediate invasion of Zimbabwe with the byline attributed to one Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of one of Zimbabwe's many opposition parties. When the article was brought to the fellow's attention, he hastily but incoherently denied writing it and as a result the Guardian took it off its website without any apology to the people of Zimbabwe or the Zimbabwean government. Many Zimbabweans myself included reacted angrily to one of the Guardian's editors, Siobhan Butterworth's attempts to defend their position on their CIF.
» New York Times says front-page Zimbabwe photo
   misrepresented injuries of boy with club feet
July 09 2008
The boy's mother initially told the newspaper that her son's injuries were caused after youths backing Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe threw her son onto a concrete floor. But she later acknowledged she misrepresented his injuries because she could not afford surgery for his condition, the newspaper said in an editors' note.
» EU not pulling out of Zim July 08, 2008
The European Union has indicated that it will not withdraw its diplomats from Zimbabwe despite the regional group's condemnation of the government of Zimbabwe and alleged acts of intimidation against its staff in the capital Harare.
» Bush and Kikwete fail to agree on Zimbabwe July 07, 2008
"You know I care deeply about the people of Zimbabwe," Bush said.
» 'Britain and U.S. negotiating on behalf of the MDC' July 07, 2008
» Doubts raised over haunting image from Zimbabwe July 06 2008
» Mugabe May Not, After All, Be Insane! July 04 2008
» Resolution on Zimbabwe - African Union Summit
» Gambia: Zimbabwe Election Valid, Says President Jammeh
July 03 2008: President Alhaji Dr Yahya Jammeh, has given the June 27 Presidential election run-off in Zimbabwe a clean bill of health, saying "Zimbabwe's election is valid". The President, in addition, branded the leader of the main opposition MDC, Morgan Tchangarai, as a "blue-eyed boy" and "puppet" of the West, emphasising that Zimbabwe will never be colonised again.
» Mwanawasa not dead - Zambia July 03 2008
» Zambia's president dies after a stroke July 03 2008
» Zambia says Mwanawasa 'not dead' July 03, 2008
ZAMBIA'S Information Minister Mike Mulongoti, in an emotional special radio and television broadcast on Thursday, said President Levy Mwanawasa was still alive, despite widespread reports he had died in Paris.
» Zambia's president dies after a stroke July 03, 2008
» 'Zimbabwe no threat to regional or international peace'
July 03 2008: "We are not a threat to anyone, but the West is waging a war of attrition and they want to use the offices of the UN to effect regime change," Ambassador Chidyausiku said.
» Cricket boss shifts stance on Zimbabwe
July 03 2008: The President of the International Cricket Council has altered his stance on Zimbabwe Cricket after it became clear that he was going to face stiff resistance in securing a ban of the country from international cricket.
» Senior MDC member calls for recognition of President Mugabe
   July 03 2008
» Mbeki says no to EU July 02 2008
President Thabo Mbeki has rejected European Union (EU) demands that Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai must lead a future government in Zimbabwe, the SABC reported on Wednesday. "The result that comes out of that process of dialogue, must be a result that is agreed by the Zimbabweans and we certainly - and certainly the African continent - has not made any prescriptions about the outcomes of what the Zimbabweans must negotiate among themselves," Mbeki told the public broadcaster after an African Union summit ended in Egypt.
» Mbeki rejects outside intervention in Zimbabwe July 02 2008
» AU summit ends with no condemnation of President Mugabe
   July 02 2008
» China supports Sadc and AU efforts in Zim July 02 2008
» SAfrica's Mbeki rejects EU demand on Zimbabwe govt
July 02 2008: South African President Thabo Mbeki on Wednesday rejected an EU position that it will only accept a Zimbabwean government led by opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.
» Zambian president flown to France for stroke treatment
July 01 2008: Mwanawasa had been due to take part in a meeting of the pan-African bloc's Peace and Security Council on Sunday but was forced to skip it after suffering acute chest pains, before being admitted to hospital. On Monday, his deputy Rupiah Banda said the president had suffered a stroke.
» West can go hang a thousand times — Charamba July 01 2008
» 'Odinga's hands drip with blood' July 01 2008
» AU Summit fails to endorse MDC-T demands July 01 2008
» African leaders restrained in criticizing Mugabe June 30, 2008
» No support for UN arms embargo by China June 30, 2008
» Zimbabwe's opposition may face compromise or oblivion
   June 30, 2008
» Zuma against imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe June 29, 2008

» President Mugabe wins run-off, sworn in June 29, 2008

» S.Africa blocks move to delegitimize Zim election June 28, 2008
» Indian Cricket fully supports Zimbabwe June 28, 2008
Indian Cricket has made it clear that it will support Zimbabwe at its annual meeting in Dubai next week, the Zimbabwe Guardian has learnt.
» Tsvangirai is now a liability for the MDC party June 28, 2008
» African officials wary of Zimbabwe sanctions call June 28, 2008
» Unusual Sources & Stephen Gowans Interview (Audio)
   Jun 27, 2008
» Voting begins in Zimbabwe June 27, 2008
» Violence in Zimbabwe and the MDC
   and its Social Imperialist Supporters
June 27, 2008
» Is it time for the MDC to take stock? June 26, 2008
» Tsvangirai pull-out was ill-informed and untimely - Moyo
June 26, 2008: Moyo said there is no legal basis for Tsvangirai to withdraw from the race and the election will go on as announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).
» The lion in Zanu PF awakens June 26, 2008
» Australia disappointed at Tsvangirai's withdrawal
June 26, 2008: The Australian Federal Government said it was very disappointed that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has withdrawn from the presidential run-off.
» Run-off election to proceed - Mugabe June 25, 2008
» Tsvangirai's 'withdrawal' unconstitutional June 25, 2008
» The agony of Zimbabwe June 25 2008
» Zimbabwe at War June 25, 2008
» UN blocks British, US attempts to halt Zimbabwe's run-off
   June 25, 2008
» Zimbabwe: Morgan's run-off boycott a joke June 25, 2008
» MDC-T: An unmistakable stooge June 25, 2008
» Zimbabwe urged to fully exploit Indian technologies June 24, 2008
» UN Security Council condemns Zimbabwe violence
June 24, 2008: Zimbabwean police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri said the police had been "shocked and surprised" by Tsvangirai's decision to seek refuge in the Dutch embassy.
» Tsvangirai formally withdraws from run-off election June 24, 2008
» Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai seeks refuge in Dutch embassy
June 23, 2008: Tsvangirai is still believed to be at the embassy in a move viewed by senior government officials as unnecessary and intended to attract attention from international media and the West.
» 'Mwanawasa dividing SADC' June 23, 2008
» Govt urges Tsvangirai to contest election June 23, 2008
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2008 Elections Aftermath News

News 2001-2006

I do not expect much from Zimbabwe's Power-Sharing Talks. The MDC-T is still controlled by White settlers backed by European and US governments. The US and UK governments have made it clear that sanctions would only be lifted and relations normalized with Zimbabwe when the land that the Zimbabwe government reclaimed from White settlers is returned or when the settlers are compensated. They have also stated that they want President Mugabe out of office. Morgan Tsvangirai is not expected to settle for less. President Robert Mugabe should NEVER give in to any of these demands.
— Ayinde
Pan-African, independent and civil society labels are now being applied to hawkish, imperialistic and anti-Black African groups that are funded by the US and European powers in collaboration with White settlers in Zimbabwe for the purpose of demonizing President Robert Mugabe and coercing regime change in Zimbabwe. The fact that there are Black Africans in these groups does not make them any less anti-Black African or free from European manipulations.
— Ayinde
Pan-Africanists logic and conviction deduces that because imperialism is an enemy of Africa and we are Africans then the enemies of Africa and/or Zimbabwe are our enemies. Right now imperialism's most pronounced and pointed attack on Africa is in Zimbabwe. When imperialism attacks Zimbabwe it is attacking us. This is our logic.

— Netfa Freeman
Clearly, Mugabe's capital crime was to displace White privilege in Zimbabwe and personally stand up to the White establishment in London and Washington.

— Timothy Kalyegira

Interview: Zimbabwe Ambassador

Should an election be carried out when a country is under sanctions and it has been made clear to the electorate that the sanctions will be lifted only if the opposition party is elected?

Should a political party which is the creation of, and is funded by, hostile foreign forces, and whose program is to unlatch the door from within to provide free entry to foreign powers to establish a neo-colonial rule, be allowed to freely operate?

Should the leaders of an opposition movement that takes money from hostile foreign powers and who have made plain their intention to unseat the government by any means available, be charged with treason?

These are the questions that now face (have long faced) the embattled government of Zimbabwe, and which it has answered in its own way, and which other governments, at other times, have answered in theirs.

¤ Addis Fortune
¤ African Executive, The
¤ Aminata (Guinea)
¤ Analyst Liberia
¤ Angola Press
¤ BuaNews
¤ Business Day (Johannesburg)
¤ Daily News
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Zimbabwe: The Spark
...Claire Short's letter of 1997

Full text of then British Secretary of State for International Development Claire Short's letter of 5 November 1997 that sparked the political and current economic crisis in Zimbabwe

Released letter from Clare Short

The Zimbabwe Question and the Two Lefts by Sam Moyo and Paris Yeros

Mr Mbeki said those who fought for a democratic Zimbabwe "with thousands paying the supreme price during the struggle, and forgave their oppressors and torturers in a spirit of national reconciliation, have been turned into repugnant enemies of democracy".

In a direct reference to Britain, he said: "Those who, in the interest of their [white] 'kith and kin', did what they could to deny the people of Zimbabwe their liberty, for as long as they could, have become the eminent defenders of the democratic rights of the people of Zimbabwe."

Flashback: Don't blame Mugabe for everything by Thabo Mbeki, May 29, 2003

Martin Luther King noted in 1967 that the Vietnamese people 'must see Americans as strange liberators'. In this brilliant and deeply-researched book, investigative journalist Gregory Elich shows how the US state has not changed its spots. He proves this by analysing its actions against Iraq, North Korea, Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe. Scroll down this page for reviews.

Llumina Press Reviews

Contrary to what is implied, many Africans (people of African descent) interpret Zimbabwean developments, not necessarily through romanticism, but with a valid rejection of imperialism's 'mania for regime change'. Too often has the public seen leaders and countries demonized simply as a prelude for this policy.

Land Grab & Robert Mugabe

Before the Mugabe Government started uprooting the white farmers in 2000, this Government kept inflation at 5 percent, 8 percent (or 11 percent in difficult years.) How, then, does a country with all the same factors and leaders from 1980 to 2000 suddenly (because the white commercial farmers have been uprooted) see inflation soar to world record levels in a space of just six years starting in 2000? And how is it that a stable Zimbabwe has an inflation rate 1 500 times higher than Somalia, a country without a govt since 1991?

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