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Black colchians black russians yes they exist

I noticed your post about the colchians,asnd what people don't realize there are still black russians living in around the black sea. I was thumbing through the africana put out by harvard and I read a little something about the black russians and i was shock. I started doing more reserch and it turns out they just might be desended from sesotris army. I ran across other classical writters that do describe colchians as being black. PIndar in his description of the colchians describes them as dark skinned people.
One may observe that there are no Blacks at all in the Colchis region now. There is nothing but White Russian Georgian people of Southern Russia. Why arent there any Black descendants today? Can the fact that Sesostris left a colony of his army be backed up by evidence? Well, it looks like it can.
Apparently, in 1912, a Russian natualist by the name of V.P. Vradii found a small colony of Black people in the area of Batumi, which is on the southwestern coast of Georgia in Southern Russia. Vraddi noticed that they were quite black in skin color and had very African features, while others were mixed with black and Russian. Vradii published a book about the Black tribe called, Kavkaz. After the publishing of his book, reports of other Black populations around the Black Sea began to flood local media. As other scholars began to travel the land, here in modern times, they too began reporting tribes of Black populations.

There are more account of Black Colchians. In 522-443, a Greek poet named Pindar described the Colchians, whom Jason and the Argonauts fought, as being "dark skinned". Then around 350 to 400 AD, Church father St. Jerome and Sophronius refered to Colchis as the "second Ethiopia" because of its black population.
[ This information taken from: Patrick T. English, Cushites, Colchians, and Khazars, Journal of Near Eastern Studies, vol 18, Jaunuary - October 1959, p. 53. ]
Moreover, a black Colchian writer, historian, and ethnographer, Dmitri Gulia (1874-1960) asserted that his peoples heritage stemed from Sesostris. He published a book called, History of Abkhazia, which shows that the black Colchian people of Southern Russia were really an Abyssinaian people of Egypt. he proves this by putting together a vast array of Abkhazian words that matched that of ancient Egypts. He also chronicles "family names, names of rivers and mountains, anems of pre-Christian deities, and much more." (Poe, 58)

his Histories, II, 103-105 bin/text?lookup=hdt.+2.103.1>, Herodotus <../char/herodot.htm>
suggests that Colchis was conquered by an Egyptian Pharao named
Sesostris (either Sesostris I or Sesostris III, of the XIIth dynasty,
who lived in the XIXth century B. C.) and that the people of Colchis
were the descendants of Egyptians who stayed there at the time, but
modern history has no knowledge of such an expedition by any Egyptian
pharao, though black communities are known to have existed in the

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