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 ¤ Why White Men Scare Me by Michael Moore
 ¤ Stupid White Men and other Titles Suppressed
    by Stupid White Men in the Corporate Media
by Cheryl
 ¤ AllAfrica's Charles Cobb Jr. spoke with the 'The Real Eve'
    film producer, Paul Ashton

 ¤ The Real Eve: Meet the mother of us all

  1. Sudan's War, a struggle over oil - By: Tim Hector
  2. Analysis of BBC Jesus Documentary - By: Dr. Kuba O. Assegai
  3. Garvey's Son Responds to PBS Film - By: Julius W. Garvey, M.D.
  4. The Jews Are Not A Race! - By Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal
  5. Khallid Abdul Muhammad Dies at 53 - By: R&H News
  6. BBC: The Story of Africa - By: R&H News
  7. Analysis of Human Genome Discoveries - By: R&H News
  8. USA - Elections 2000 - By: Noam Chomsky
  9. Roots and Revelations - By: Robert Cooke
  10. On the Use and Abuse of History for Life: 1873 - By: Nietzsche
  11. Former Slave Havens in Brazil Gaining Rights - By: Larry Rohter
  12. Pan Africans on the rise again - By: Lester Lewis
  13. Brief lessons on hypocrisy - By: Editor
  14. IRIN Focus on the post-Kabila era - By: IRIN
  15. A chronology of key events in the Congo from the 1200s - By: Editor
  16. Who Killed Lumumba? A transcript of BBC's Correspondent - By: Meri
  17. What is the cause of the fighting in the Congo? - By: Editor
  18. Can Mungo Man claims discredit the Out of Africa FACT? - By: Editor
  19. The Mass Of The Western Rites - By: Dom Fernand Cabrol
  20. A Joycean history of Judeo-Christianity - By: Jorn Barger
  21. The US Suppression of Indigenous Sovereignty - By Ward Churchill
  22. Doubting the Story of Exodus - By Teresa Watanabe
  23. The lost Africans of India - By Andrew Whitehead
  24. Racism: Past and Present - By Ron Daniels
  25. Statement on "Race" - From: American Anthropological Association
  26. Dr. John Henrik Clarke Passes On - By Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D.
  27. The Myth of Mahatma Ghandi - By Velu Annamalai, Ph.D.
  28. Ancient Egyptian Dynasties - From: e-mail
  29. How to control people - By Charley Reese
  30. White Privilege, Uber Alles - By Tim Wise
  31. How I Benefit From White Privilege - By Laura Douglas
  32. The theory of evolution - Edited By A. H. Hotep
  33. Media Control - By Noam Chomsky
  34. South African Timeline: 1652 - 1999 - By Editor
  35. Zimbabwe 1965 -1998 - By Editor
  36. Out of Africa or Bust, With a Desert to Cross - By Norimitsu Onishi
  37. Dreaming of a Non-White Christmas - By Tim Wise
  38. The politics of language - By Chief Adetola Adeniyi
  39. The History of Liberty - Lord Acton - By Tricia Wallace
  40. A SKETCH OF RASTAFARI HISTORY - By Norman Hugh Redington
  41. North-West China: Tibet - Lugu Lake - By Jiang He Feng
  42. Racial Quotas fall off all lists of preferences - By Paul Barton
  43. Some Early Pan African Nationalists - By Adib Rashad
  44. Talking with the Ancestors: - By Malidoma Patrice Somé
  45. The Descent of Man - By Stephen T. Abedon
  46. The Psycho-linguistic Crisis of the North American African
    - By Marvin X

  47. The African Diaspora of the Indian Sub-continent
    - by Zachariah Cherian Mampilly

  48. History of the Ethiopian Diaspora, in India - Part IV
    - Dr Richard Pankhurst

  49. Controversial burial for Haile Selassie - Trinicenter Special
  50. "When Anti-Racism Strikes Out" - By Tim Wise
  51. Color-Conscious, White-Blind - By Tim Wise
  52. Bogus Science and the Assault on Racial Equity - By Tim Wise
  53. Race, Genetics and History - Compiled By A. H. Hotep
  54. Hindu Civilization - By B. R. Ambedkar
  55. Oromia: an Introduction - By Gadaa Melbaa
  56. The First Chinese - By A. H. Hotep
  57. Disharmony behind Mauritian Veneer - Trinicenter Special
  58. Ghanaians flee Libyan attacks - BBC News
  59. Nepal's bonded labour - Trinicenter Special
  60. Professor Tony Martin and the Jewish Onslaught - By
  61. Rush, others urge slavery reparations - By Rick Hepp
  62. The Caste System of India - Trinicenter Special
  63. David Horowitz Exchange on Racism - By Tim Wise
  64. Of Hate Crimes, Big and Small - By Tim Wise
  65. Affirmative Action Republican Style - By Tim Wise
  66. The Myth of HIPC Debt Relief - By Salih Booker
  67. Africans Contributions to Rome - By Adib Rashad
  68. DIALOGUE IN DIASPORA - By President Olusegun Obasanjo
  69. How Marcus Garvey influenced Trinidad - By Kim Johnson
  70. Born Again In Living Waters - By Kim Johnson
  71. Ladies Man Who Lost His Love: CLR James - By Kim Johnson
  72. Africa: Out of the dark - By Lora Phillips
  73. The African presence in early Europe - By Runoko Rashidi
  74. The Propaganda System - By Noam Chomsky
  75. Force and control - By Noam Chomsky
  76. What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream - By Noam Chomsky
  77. Black Demagogues and Pseudo-Scholars - By Henry Louis Gates Jr.
  78. A Dissenting View - By John Henrik Clarke
  79. Sowing the Seeds of Famine in Ethiopia - By Michel Chossudovsky
  80. The African presence in early Fiji - By Runoko Rashidi
  81. Why I changed my mind on the death penalty - By D. Morrow
  82. We should remember Henry Sylvester Williams. - By Deborah John
  83. The largest African slave rebellions - By Runoko Rashidi
  84. An Afro-Dalit Story - By Vijay Prashad
  85. Slavery and Paying the Debt - Pro: Randall Robinson
  86. Apology for profiting from slavery - By Paul Zielbauer
  87. Apartheid Varna System - By Vijay Prashad
  88. Anansi and Nyame - By Laura Ann Phillips
  89. Plight of the Nuba People - By Trinicenter Special
  90. Evidence of Early Africa Human Migration - By John Noble Wilford
  91. The road to Emancipation Day - By Alwyn De Coteau
  92. Dr. Eric Williams - By Michael Anthony
  93. Egypt; Cradle of the Neurosciences - By Gonzalo M. Sanchez M.D.
  94. The English Invention of Hinduism - By Hadwa Dom
  95. Myth of One Hindu Race - By Hadwa Dom
  96. The Sudroid (Indo-African) Race - By IndoPaedia
  97. BUTLER-a leader born to fight - By Michael Anthony
  98. The Edo of Benin, Nigeria - By Osamuyimen Stewart Ph.D.
  99. Edo people's renaissance - By J.O.S Ayomike
  100. Edo Culture and Traditions - By Ademola Iyi-Eweka
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