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Rootsie's Roots

Ancient Greece
Alexander The Great
The Hellenistic Kingdoms
The Roman Empire
Medieval Europe
Renaissance Europe
Recommended Books
Other Interesting Links

Becoming Human - The Institute of Human Origins
Neanderthals and Modern Humans in Western Europe
Lectures on Ancient and Medieval European History
Neanderthals and Modern Humans - A Regional Guide
Genetic Evidence Ancient DNA
European History Web Links

Ancient Greece


Ancient History Sourcebook
Dionysos Links
Ancient Greece for Fun
Ancient Greek Cities Athens, Sikyon, Corinth, etc.
An Introduction to the Panhellenic Games
The Role of Women in Athens
The Ancient Source various ancient essays
The Ancient Olympics part of the Perseus Project
The Athenian Constitution
The Classical view of the Mind
The Perseus Atlas Project of ancient Greece
Hellas:Net history of Hellas
Ancient Greece (repeat link)
The History by Herodotus (mainly The Persian Wars)
The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
Ancient Athens
Ancient Greek World (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Ancient Greek Philosophy, Science, Theology
Alexandros, Fragments from the Ptolemy Library
Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
Ancient Sites - Tour of ancient Rome or Athens
The Greeks - Crucible of Civilization on PBS
The Ancient Olympics (repeat link) "The Real Story"

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Alexander the Great

Aexander In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great BBC
An Alexander the Great Page
Another Alexander the Great Page at Boise State University
Lecture: Alexander the Great Sources
Alexander Page at William's College
Adrian on Alexander
Adam Hackney's Alexander the Great Page
John J. Popovic's Alexander the Great Page

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The Hellenistic Kingdoms

Ptolemy Hellenistic Period UPenn
Hellenistic Civilization
Seleucid Empire
The House of Ptolemy
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The Roman Empire

I'm still organizing this section



Pictorial Tour of the Roman Forum
Pictorial Tour of the Imperial Forum
Pictorial Tour of The Mausoleums of Hadrian & Augustus
Pictorial Tour of The Arch of Constantine
Pictorial Tour of The Colosseum
LacusCurtius Bill Thayer's Website at the University of Kansas
Forum WebCam controllable webcam - NEW -
Res Gestae in Latin Res Gestae in English
The Roman Empire (repeat link)
The Annals by Tacitus
The Histories by Tacitus
Roman Law
Timeline: Ancient Rome
Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
Ancient Sites - Take a virtual tour of ancient Rome or Athens
Ancient-L Mailing list archives
Ancient Mediterranean E-Mail List Archives
Ancient Mediterranean History
Daily Life in Rome
Interactive Ancient Mediterranean Maps
Late Antiquity in the Mediterranean on-line resources
Maecenas Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
Forum Romanum Virtual Tour
Roman Architecture
Armamentarium The book of Roman arms and armour
Gibbon's Decline and Fall Select quotes
Dead Romans coins/art/architecture
Lacus Curtius into the Roman World
Marriage in Ancient Rome
Rome - Creative Impulse
Philodemus Project Herculaneum papyri translation
Roman Military Sites in Britain
Structuring Roman History: the Consular Year
Pliny, Letters 10.96-97
Roman Art and Architecture
Roman Law Resources University of Aberdeen
The Surgery of Ancient Rome devices found at Pompeii

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Byzantine Byzantine Links Page
The Byzantine Studies Page at Fordham
The Byzantium Collection at the University of Michigan Museum
Byzantium 1200 AD A Recreation
The Byzantine Empire and the Crusades
Gouden Hoorn (Golden Horn) Journal
The Catholic Encyclopedia: Byzantium

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Islamic Art and Architecture

Dome Internet Islamic Source Book
Islamic Search Engine
Desert Castles

Medieval Europe

. The Online Medieval and Classical Library at Berkeley
On-Line Text Materials for Medieval Studies at Berkeley
Medieval Lecture List University of Kansas
Dictionary of Old English Project Universoty of Toronto
EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents
Chronology: Medieval Europe
The Internet Medieval Sourcebook at Fordham
U.C. Berkeley Medieval Collections
The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies at Georgetown
The "Magna Carta" Text On-line
The Donation of Constantine - Complete Text
The Grey Company Trebuchet Page

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Renaissance Europe

Marriage The Vatican Museum
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
Florentine Renaissance Resources
Florence Live Cam
Census and Property Survey for Florentine Domains
Dante's Inferno
The Decameron Web
Machiavelli Online
Download Machiavelli's The Prince
The Medici Family
The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
da Vinci: Man of Both Worlds
Sculptures by Donatello
The Electronic Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
Links for info about Filippo Brunelleschi
Botticelli at the Web Museum
Giotto Biography and Gallery
Petrarch's Letters
A brief biography of Savonarola
Mr. Shakespeare Site Map


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Other Interesting Links

Pictorial Tours: The Roman Forum -- The Imperial Forum -- The Colosseum
The Mausoleums of Hadrian & Augustus -- The Arch of Constantine

. Human Biological Evolution -
. More Human Origins Links
. The On-Line Books Page
. Secretum secretorum: The Book of the Secret of Secrets
. A Resource for Turkic and Jewish History in Russia and Ukraine
. Harvard University Extension School
. History Today - A Great Magazine
. On-Line Source Books:Ancient- Medieval-Modern
. Archeology - Another Great Magazine
. Goethe's Faust
. This day in ancient History
. Classics Library
. Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
. The Archaeology Data Service
. Historic Atlas Resource - Europe
. The Perseus Project
. On-Line Map Resources - Rare Maps
. The Dead Sea Scrolls
. The British Library
. The Masters Collection (paintings)
. Christy's Garden of History (a good timeline with links)
. From Past to Present World History/Geography

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