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If you go to Rome, I highly recommend the "Oxford Archaeological Guide to Rome".
Without it, you will miss much of what there is to see.

Forum of Julius Caesar Forum of Julius Caesar

Dedicated in 46BC, this forum was built by Julius Caesar to relieve congestion in the Forum Romanum.

The Curia The Curia

The meeting house of the Senate as reconstructed by Mussolini from the original building materials.

Interior of the Curia Interior of the Curia

The marble floor is the 4th century opus sectile style.

A Balustrade in the Curia A Balustrade in the Curia

Depicts a scene in the forum of an emperor (there is no head, so identification is not possible) sitting on the Rostra in front of the Temple of Divus Julius, addressing senators.

Temple of the Deified Julius Caesar Temple of the Deified Julius Caesar
Dedicated on August 18, 29 BC by Augustus, this temple took the place of a temporary shrine to the late leader. An official cult of Caesar began shortly after his death. As with the majority of the ancient monuments and buildings, the marble was looted long ago.

Altar of Julius Caesar Altar of Julius Caesar
Marks the spot of Caesar's funeral pyre, the temple was built around it.

Augustan Rostra Augustan Rostra
This is the raised platform where orations would take place. The holes on the front held the reinforced war prows (rostra) of captured or sunk enemy warships (thus the name of the platform). This particular platform was begun by Caesar to replace a smaller republican platform and finished by Augustus.

Basilica Julia Basilica Julia
Today, we think of basilicas as churches, however that is not what they were in ancient times. They were large, ornate, public buildings used for meetings, law courts and other official business. Many were converted into churches later. The Basilica Julia was begun by Caesar in 54 BC and finished by Augustus on the site of the Basilica Sempronia which was originally built in 170 BC and destroyed by fire. It housed the "centumviri", law courts with 180 members.

Basilica Paulli (Aemilia) Basilica Paulli (Aemilia)
Originally built in the Republic, this basilica was restored by Augustus in 14 BC, then again by Tiberius in 22 AD. It was three stories high and Pliny wrote of its beauty.

Temple of Saturn Temple of Saturn (w/Rostra in Foreground)
The Temple of Saturn is one of the oldest temples in all of Rome. It was completed around 498 BC and was used to house the Aerarium, the treasury of Rome.

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