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The Roman Forum

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Porticus of Gaius & Lucius Porticus of Gaius & Lucius
The Basilica Paulli was fronted by a monumental gallery known as a porticus between it and the rest of the forum. It was two (very high) stories tall and were dedicated in 2 BC to the grandsons and presumed heirs of Augustus.

Basilica Nova Basilica Nova
The remaining arches of the Basilica Nova are huge. Pictures don't do their height justice. Built sometime after 313 AD by Constantine the Great, the Basilica's roof was made entirely of concrete and the majority of the building was destroyed in the great earthquake of 847 AD.

Temple of Castor Temple of Castor
Dedicated in 6 AD by Tiberius to honor Castor who, with his brother Pollux, signaled the victory of the Romans at the battle of Lake Regillus which secured the Roman dominance over the Latins. Their statues can be seen on the Capitoline Hill on either side of the stairway in front of the Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius.

Roman Forum Roman Forum

Temple of Saturn with Forum in Background Temple of Saturn with Forum in Background
Arch of Septimius Severus and Curia to the far left, Temple of Divus Antoninus and the Colosseum in the middle, Temple of Vesta, Temple of Castor and Basilica Julia to the right.

Temple of Saturn/Capitoline Hill Temple of Saturn/Capitoline Hill

Temple of Saturn/Palatine Hill Temple of Saturn/Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill Palatine Hill
This is not a building or a wall, it is the substructure supporting an extension of the Palatine Hill as seen from the Roman Forum. When they ran out of room on the Palatine Hill, they simply extended it.

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