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The Roman Forum

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If you go to Rome, I highly recommend the "Oxford Archaeological Guide to Rome".
Without it, you will miss much of what there is to see.

Arch of Septimius Severus Arch of Septimius Severus

Dedicated in 203 AD to the emperor and his sons Geta and the infamous Caracalla, this triumphal arch straddles the Via Sacra on its approach to the Temple of Saturn. After the death of Septimius Severus, Caracalla murdered his co-ruler and brother Geta and by Imperial decree had his name and likeness destroyed throughout the empire.

Four Types of Marble Four Types of Marble
Three columns and a block by the side of the upper Via Sacra. The block is of white marble, then columns of some kind of aggregate grey marble with white specks, a bluish tint and rose color. Building marbles of different colors generally came from different geographies and had specific names. If anyone knows the names of these different types, please let me know.

Roman Forum Roman Forum (Foro Romano)

Roman Forum Roman Forum (Foro Romano)
This picture looks down the Via Sacra towards The Arch of Titus in the distance with the Temple of Antoninus Pius and his wife Faustina on the left. The Round Temple of Vesta can be seen to the far right and the Palatine hill behind it.

Roman Forum Roman Forum (Foro Romano)
Santi Cosma e Damiano with the remains of the Temple of Castor in the foreground. This is a church of the early martyrs Cosmas and Damian and was probably a conversion of temple in Vespacian's forum.

Roman Forum Roman Forum (Foro Romano)
Palantine Hill in the background, the three remaining columns of the Temple of Castor to the left, the Column of Phocas to the right.

Temple of Vesta Temple of Vesta
Vesta was the Roman Goddess of the hearth. The round temple was said to have been originally built by King Numa in c700 BC and housed the eternal flame. It is said that is was built round to imitate the original hut used for the temple.

Temple of Vesta Temple of Vesta
The eternal flame in was tended to by the Vestal Virgins. These priestesses were chosen when around ten years old. They had special privileges as they were the only women in the empire allowed to vote, they were allowed to sit in front at functions (other women were only allowed to sit with the slaves) and they could free condemned prisoners. However, if they let the flame go out they were beaten and exiled from Rome, if they broke their vows of chastity they were walled up in a cave to starve to death.

Via Sacra Via Sacra
The Sacred Way which leads from Temple of Saturn in the Forum to the Palatine Hill received its name from the numerous sacred temples that lined it and for its use during triumphs.

Temple of Divus Antoninus and Diva Faustina Temple of Divus Antoninus and Diva Faustina
This temple was built by Antoninus Pius for his wife after her death and deification in 140 AD. After Antoninus himself died, he too was deified and the Senate had his name added to the dedication. The church of Saint Lorenzo in Miranda was built in the 7th century, basically in the remains of the temple, it is the structure you can see today behind the columns rising above the where the old roof would have been.

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