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If you go to Rome, I highly recommend the "Oxford Archaeological Guide to Rome".
Without it, you will miss much of what there is to see.

Forum of Augustus Forum of Augustus (Forum Augustum)

Dedicated in 2 BC, the Forum of Augustus had columned, two-storied porticos down each side. Statues in the courtyard depicted the genealogy of Augustus including both Julius Caesar and Aeneas.

Temple of Mars Ultor Temple of Mars Ultor (In the Forum of Augustus)

At the battle of Philippi, Octavian vowed that if he was victorious over the forces of Cassius and Brutus (leaders of the anti-Caesar faction who took part in his assassination) he would build a temple to Mars Ultor (Mars the Avenger).

Temple of Mars Ultor Temple of Mars Ultor

In the Forum of Augustus

Temple of Mars Ultor Temple of Mars Ultor
With the marble removed from the columns, you can see the brick beneath.

The Forum of Nerva The Forum of Nerva (96-98 AD)

A colonnade entrance to the Forum of Nerva, nicknamed Le Colonnacce or "those ugly columns". It is topped by the image of Minerva and includes a relief of women performing various domestic activities.

Trajan's Market Trajan's Market (Mercatus Traiani)

Built by Trajan between 100 and 112 AD next to the Forum of Trajan, the markets were separated by a tall wall. It was designed by Trajan's favorite architect, Apollodorus of Damascus and originally help five levels of shops.

Trajan's Market Trajan's Market (Mercatus Traiani)

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