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Trajan's Market Trajan's Market (Mercatus Traiani)

Trajan Trajan (Vatican Museum)

Basilica Ulpia Basilica Ulpia (In the Forum of Trajan)
Built during the reign of Trajan, this was the largest building of its time.

Basilica Ulpia Basilica Ulpia
In the Forum of Trajan

Trajan's Column Trajan's Column

This column in the Forum of Trajan was dedicated between 108 and 113 and celebrates Trajan's victory over the Dacians. It is over 100 feet tall and was originally topped by a statue of the emperor (since replaced with a saint). The entire shaft is covered with t frieze detailing the campaign.

Base of Trajan's Column Base of Trajan's Column

Said to contain the ashes the emperor.

Base of Trajan's Column Base of Trajan's Column

With reliefs of trophies. After a battle, the victor would strip the armor from the dead enemies and erect them on poles like a scarecrow as a trophy.

Trajan's Column Trajan's Column (Frieze Detail)

Originally there was a library which rose on both sides of the column from which people could view the entire length of the column. This section shows soldiers cutting trees for use in a construction.

Trajan's Column Trajan's Column (Frieze Detail)

Soldiers entering a city.

Trajan's Column Trajan's Column (Frieze Detail)

Legionary ships on the bottom, Trajan addressing his troops above.

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