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The age of monumental Egypt

"As ancient inhabitants of the Middle East ventured into Asia, they adapted to the changing climate and natural resources. They discovered a new food source in seafood and exhibited the first signs of cultural evolution with cremation and rock art."

This is the introduction to The Science Channel's evolutionary program, featuring Cro-Magnon in Eastern Europe.
The program gave examples of settlements and sculpture dated at 26,000 years old and claims these to be the earliest examples of "human creative explosion" code name White intellectual Supremacy.
An example of the program's claim: "15,000 years before the Japanese sculpted jade…"
I am not at all surprised by this; any astute person would have seen it coming after "The Real Eve"
While the non-white inhabitants of planet earth fight over who were the first colonizers of their respective soil, our melanin-challenged brethren found a way to establish anteriority, again.
The program is filled with ethnically incorrect portrayals of early Southeast Asians and Australian Aborigines, as well as early Europeans. Where was good old Grimaldi?
The program does not say that the evidence of communal living is the first to be discovered it simply states that it is the earliest.
How long before inference is again made of an outside origin for Egyptian civilization, and why stop there, why not claim credit for Chinese, Indian, and Japanese civilizations, after all 26,000 years ago creative thought was crystallized in Eastern Europe.
While Zahi 'Haul'-ass continues his idiotic rantings and China refuses to allow excavations, our former colonial masters re-write history, but, if they're allowed to go to war with Iraq, they get a chance to determine our future so what is a little history.
What does it matter that seafood was a staple in the diet of Africans long before they ventured out of Africa? What does it matter that the layers of soil, washed down by the Nile, hides untold secrets? What does it matter that Herodotus' marsh land is now called Lower Egypt?
It mattered to the late Gerald Massey, when he insisted that the timeline for Egypt's monuments was incorrect. As I'm sure it would to all reasonable people, who'll ask the question: Why did it take 174,000 years, and the melting of ice in the north, for modern man to give up their hunter/gatherer ways and begin establishing communities.

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