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Re: For Sale: A DNA Test to Measure Racial Mix

A good knowledge of history will also help in identifying who has what genes and so on. But here is the trick and Cheikh Antah Diop, made it very clear in one of his books. All populations outside of Africa have African genes from a small group of Africans who left the continent about 150,000 years ago.

Now let's look at Africa, as Diop clearly explained, you can find a Swede and a Nigerian with the same identical genetic makeup because, that Swede's prehistoric ancestors would have come from the same prehistoric ancestors as the Nigerian.

However in Africa, where there are about 900 million people (counted and uncounted), the genetic variation in some nations such as Nigeria is greater than the whole world combined. Then you take one group like the people of Namibia and another like the people of parts of Kenya and there are variations. Take the genes of people from Kenya and match it with people from Fiji and Papua New Guinea and don't be surprised if there are identical marks. Why? That would be possible because thousands of years ago, groups from the Somalia to Mozambique area of East Africa ventured as far as Hawaii. That was before the Polynesians. They settled all over the South Pacific as was made clear by the Fijian Representative to Los Angeles, I. Raikodraka some years ago in the newspaper, Shekere (of the African Marketplace and Cultural Faire)

Now the above is merely the ancient connection. Now let's look at the more recent connections. We know that there are basically two types of Europeans, even though they all have pale to light brown skins, certain characteristics show African as well as Mongolod blood. In Southern Europe, you find many brown-eyed, dark-haired, olive-skinned people. Well we know that as early as 50,000 B.C., groups of Africans called "Grimaldi Negroids" lived in Europe and brought the Arignacian Culture there. In fact, many of the paintings found in caves in Europe are identical to Bushmen paintings found all over Africa. In places from Central Germany to Southern France, you had a belt of Blacks in prehistoric times.

During the period of the Egyptians and Canaanites (aka Phonecians) the Canaanites founded colonies all over Europe. They built the city of Kart Hardast (Carthage) in North Africa, but also Cadiz in Spain, long before he Germanic tribes or the Romans entered the region. The Egyptians were also in Central Europe and England, where they looked for tin to make bronze weapons. The Egyptians and Nubians were all over the European region, long before the southern sweep of the "Aryan Speakers" (the people who spread the ancestral languages of Latin, Germanic, Slavic, Doric Greek, Celtic and so on. Who lived in these areas before the European whites migrated from the Caspian Sea and Central Asia region. Well, historians point to the Black Madonna cult and Black Goddess worship that was followed by Blacks who lived in Central to Southern Europe.

The very first mass migrations of fair skinned people in large groups to enter Western Europe were the Kurgans. They came from the Tamrin Basin Region west of China and included a mixture of Caucasians and Mongoloids. The women as well as men were warriors who rode on horseback. When they arrived in Central to Southern an Western Europe, they met the few groups of Caucasians and large groups of Blacks in the region. The mixture produced what is called the "Mediterranean Type." In fact, into the Minoan Civilization, one sees these two groups.


The Black Moors and "colored" Moors who existed in an area from Nigeria to Morocco invaded Spain under Gabel Tarik in 7-11 A.D. (watch that number "11"). They brought in African culture and civilization from these Africans who had only recently converted to Islam based on trade with the Saraseans (Arabs), AND NOT BASED ON ARAB CONQUEST OF ANY LANDS IN WEST AFRICA.

The Black Moors laid the foundation for science, culture and civilization in Iberia and the rest of Europe. In fact, they started the first renaissance before the European Renaissance of the 1600's. During the period of about 1000 A.D., GROUPS OF ARABS FROM SYRIA INVADED IBERIA AND FOUGHT WITH THE BLACKS. So you had Black Muslims and Semitic Arab Muslims fighting against each other for control of Spain. During the same period, lots of Semitic Sephardic Jews also entered Spain, while Ashkenazi Jews from Turkey associated with the Khazaks migrated into Northern Europe.

So, the Europeans are probably more mixed racially than Blacks are, especially Blacks of West African origins or Central/Southern African origins. J.A. Rogers is a facinating historian and researcher who presented some very good pictures and referencs on the mixture of whites in Europe, especially Southern Europe, England, Germany and Russia. His book, "Sex and Race, Volume 1, 2, 3 are good books on that issue.

Finally, if you take any name such as Moore of Salazar, or any name that sounds Moorish or Arabic from the Latin/Spanish nations or any European nation and look at the origin of the name, you may find a black Moore's head on the family crest, representing the Black Moor who founded that family.

As for the Germans and Russians, they are highly mixed with both African and Mongoloid and the name "Schwartzenegger" and many names with "negger" as the other part of the word gives a hint since both "schartz" and "negger" both mean Black and refer to people, rather than rocks, things of peat bog as some people like to assume.


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