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An open letter calling to a few authorities *LINK*

Madame Claire Brisset, ex-défenseure des enfants du gouvernement français
Madame Caroline Eliacheff, psychanalyst
Madame Isabelle Gillette-Faye, sociologist
Madame Claude Halmos, psychanalyst
Madame Julia Kristeva, psychanalyst
Madame Elisabeth Roudinesco, psychanalyst
Madame Simone Veil, president of the constitutional council of the French republic
Madame Linda Weil-Curiel, attorney

Paris, 30 May 2006,

Dear Lady,

Madame Halmos denounced on the radio, a few days ago, force-feeding of children by mothers, sharply inviting to penalize the thing.

Force-feeding is indeed an abomination. But the institutionalisation of a particularly serious - since consisting of a beginning of acting - threat of castration, is much more criminal still. As observed by Spinoza, Freud and Alice Miller, the mutilation of boys' autosexual organ, either because it leads to believing oneself superior to others or because others unconsciously feel it as a threat of castration, creates racist exclusion and megalomania. Among mammiferous, which all possess a clitoris or a prepuce, the human species is privileged by the development of these organs. Only the hypocrite smugness of barbarous puritanism can assault them. So-called identitary, mutilation attacks the identity of the human race (very remarkably in the destruction of the part evoking the other sex). It is thus a form of racism, all the graver when its deep motive rests upon the stupid taboo condemning autosexuality.

However, Madame Brisset's recently published book pretends to "Do justice to the child" remaining mute about the mutilating torture of African, Muslim and Jewish boys (if we add up the Americans - today in the vanguard of the fight against circumcision thanks to the social movement founded by the nurse Marilyn Milos - we bring together the main present belligerent peoples of the planet). But this torture seems to leave you indifferent. The mass practice of circumcision in French society is nevertheless accompanied by an appalling rise of violence (particularly against women, is this hazard?). It can also be thought that it is for something in the Armenian, Jewish and Rwandan genocides.

Madame Roudinesco entitled one of her writings: "Psychoanalysis, mother and dog" but she-dogs have the reflex to bare their teeth when their offspring is attacked. What are you waiting for to imitate them, in the name of your companions who do not have a say in the matter? I earnestly urge you to address, together with the other interested personalities, a public appeal to the concerned religious authorities in order to make them face their responsibility and solemnly condemn ritual criminality against the child.

Thanks at last to join Mrs Betty William by signing the Montagu-NOCIRC petition against sexual mutilation of children (

With my anticipated thanks, sincerely yours,

Monsieur le président de la république
Mr Kofi Annan

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An open letter calling to a few authorities *LINK*
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