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Open letter to French authorities *LINK*

Mr. the president of the republic
Mrs. the president of the constitutional council
Mrs. the minister of justice

Paris, 16 October 2007,

Dear Ladies, dear Sir,

The most inalienable and sacred right of man is certainly not the
right of property upon things acknowledged by the authors of the
declaration of the rights of man of 1789. These middle class persons
were greedy for appropriating the goods seized from the people by the
nobility, through the extermination of the latter. By this very fact,
they were unable to word the very first right of man: the right to
the property of the body, which of course forbids collective crime:
the death penalty, ritual mutilation, and very particularly sexual
mutilation that assaults life in the best and most intimate pleasures.

Then the proclamation of this right is still absent from the
declarations of the rights of man. I come and ask you to write it
down in the preamble of our constitution, without failing to mention
especially that it excludes all offences under the pretext of
religion, and thus sexual mutilation of children whatever their sex
may be.

In order to enable you to convince better the supporters of
cultures or religions practicing those barbarous human sacrifices, I
bring you here joined the demonstration that the very first
declaration of the duties and rights of man: the Ten Commandments,
severely condemned circumcision. Spinoza, then Freud, imitated it by
remarking that circumcision is the great cause of Judeo-phobia. But
before that, John the Baptist, then Jesus, paid with their lives
their commitment in favor of baptism by water.

In general, as regularly observed by the psychoanalyst Alice
Miller, all violence committed by adults against children generates,
through an unconscious imitation founded upon the conviction to act
for the good of the victim or humanity, violence of future adults,
and very particularly violence against the weak : women, civil
population victim of terrorism. So, I urge you - giving it large
media coverage - to enact laws forbidding all form of violence
against children,

Thankfully yours,

Copy: Mrs. the defender of children

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