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Bredrin Sabree Muhammad and others PLEASE

Blessed love. Please visit this petition

I am Baby Tafari from Sweden.

I signed the petition as soon as I got it. I feel awful about the whole thing. Same time I feel so proud over the strenght of these Yahsua Apostles standing firm in faith even though they are facing these horrible restrictions. Considering that, I should also be able to face a lot more in my daily life taking full responsability for my faith, seen?

I am corresponding with one rastaman dat is in prison in the states, this man means the world to me so I thought thank God this is not happening to him because I just wouldnt be able to carry all that.. I am way to sensitive, seen? But at the same time it came as a knife into the inner most part of me that it is actually happening to I an I, we are 1 so I feel this Cross in I an I heart big time. 100 %.

When I was dealing with these issue within, I saw another letter from my bredrin in my mailbox (the one incarcerated). Can U believe actually in this moment he is telling me that he is facing visitation restrictions because he had some of The Five Percenters lessons, and the authoritys validated I an I bredrin as a member. I feel very downhearted about this, it is all part of the same deal dont U see?

I was never naive enough to believe america is a land of equal rights, but I did not know it was this bad still. Nothing has changed, the shit got more sophisticated dats all.

Religious freedom is working beautifully in U.S.A; yeah, coz everybody is free to believe in white christianity.
Freedom of speach, sure, as long as U been successfully brainwashed before opening Ur mouth.

And I know these last lines are not 'politically correct.. This is very taboo to talk about over there as well. I mean to seriously talk about it. We can joke about it, stand up comedy keeps us safe from the deepts of things, laughter takes the edge of it but still puts the truth out there.. But is it really freedom to ave to make ourselfs as fools in order to able say some of these things out loud?

It is all part of racism, but we can not say that, we must make a petition using a language they can accept, or we will be silenced down real fast isnt it?

Hope am making sense, I am kinda tearful and upset here.. so what can I do to help, I mean who will listen to me complaining, even I lay down kick and scream?




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Bredrin Sabree Muhammad and others PLEASE
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