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Re: The nature of self destruction part 4B

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent the most merciful: If Ham was black, Noah had to be black also
because a white Noah simply cannat produce a black Ham, or a black Shem, or a black Jepheth.
Naoh's intire family was black, we know a white man cannot produce a black child. They know this, it is why they oppress the black man
economically, only the white man and the black woman are truely free to have each other. While, the black man was lynched or castrated, and the white woman was reduced to white trash then excommunicated from her family church and community if they chose to have each other. This
has been the case for thousands of years. Because the white racist sought to have their hidiously sick way with the women of different peoples everywhere on this planet, but these evil racist cannot overcome the black man's skin pigmentation, and it's genetic dominance over none pigmented white skin complexions. The pigmentation in our skin exist to protect our bodies from the harmful rays of the sun, in many
people with white skin complexion exist a greater risk that they may suffer horrible skin cancers due to the lack of the black man's genetic make up. The punny plan of these racist white (PLAGIARIST) is to simply destroy the black seed because they cannot biologically withstand it's completeness.
This is not hate, it is the fact that black people are truely blessed and not cursed as the lying racist would have us all believe. We are God's first children and graced with this glorious completeness which bares witness to our
distinction. No demented racist can, or will ever
be able to take this distinction from us. It is God in heaven who Made us this way, it is God's wisdom and God's design, we are God's first
Al Hum Du Allah.................
Bro. Sabree Muhammad

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