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North Africans

First of all there is no such thing as the Caucasoid race. Caucasoid is simply a branch of the human race. Let's look at the man who devised this term; Johann Friedrich Blumenbach originated this term to denote people who came from the Caucasus region.

People in North Africa first of all did not come from the Caucasus region, they came from Ethiopia, where all humanity originates, of course there have been various influxes of pale Europeans into North Africa, but these people are not indigenous to North Africa.

There Arab Invasions from about 647-711 are well documented, they are what have lightened the indigenous people in Africa, The idea that Africans have to lie or would lie about their own heritage is your stupid delusional mindset.

It's in fact people like you who are lying and have to lie, because in fact it's the other way round, pale Nordics from Northern European built nothing and are recorded in history by both the Greeks and Romans as unkempt savages and invaders.

These pale invaders did nothing and built nothing, in fact several civilizations had to rise and fall before pale whites could learn to live like men. Thats why they have no ancient civs to speak of in Northern Europe. Unless you class the Holy Roman Empire in Germany as ancient which it most certainly wasn't.

Whites need to stop trying to steal anything and everything that does not belong to them, look to your own ancestors they were savages, the Vikings etc, they did nothing but destroy civs.

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