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nubia is older than egypt

Of course Nubia/Ethiopia/Ham is older than Egypt because Ethiopia is where the birth of the world began from the Black God and Black Goddess. Alke-bulan is the oldest and the most indigenous name of Afrika meaning 'Mother of Mankind' or Garden of Eden.'

This name was used by the Black Moors, Nubians, Numidians, Khart-Haddans or Carthagenians and the Ethiopians. The current name 'Africa' is a misnomer and was given this name by the ancient white Romans.

The term Egypt was once used to mean all of Afrika, which was called the 'Land of Ham' (Psalm 105). I don't like it when Blacks and caucasians claim that Khemet (Egypt) was where the original kings and queens resided because they came from Ethiopia. Ethiopia/Nubia/Ham is the Mother of Egypt! The first kings and queens were birthed from Ethiopia, which were Black Adam [AdHam]and Evette or Eve!

At one time Khemet (Egypt) and Ethiopia (Nubia), were considered one in the same and very often in the bible they are synonymous. No where in the bible is the word europe. The bible states that princes (Black Gods) shall come out of Egypt(Ethiopia);Psalm 68:31:'Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands to God'

Since, Ethiopia/Ham/Nubia and Khemet/Egypt are Black nations; then God and the Black Messiah,[erronously called jesus], were also Black! Throughout scripture,Israel is described as looking like the sons of Ham [Khawm] ...Psalm 105:23,27 calls Egypt the land of Ham [Khawm].

The original Hebrew Israelite were Black and came out of Ethiopia! Ysryl [Israel], was also a Black nation and the home of the first Black Hebrews; they were not called jews! Another misnomer to fit the needs of european liars/scholars.

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