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Minangkabau Hebrew Identical Words *LINK*

One of the world's largest matriarchies that survives today, Minangkabau, is troubled with ancestral issues which ironically still remain a mystery. Previous findings on archeology and historical evidence are this far insufficient to solve such a big question mark. Some believe that by genealogy and culture Minangkabau roots from Persians while others believe that they came from Mediterranea.

Following strong arguments published by Santos and Oppenheimer in their books emphasizing that Atlantis was in Indonesia, there emerged another possibility that native Indonesians including ancient Minangkabauans were surprisingly the ancestors of the world's population.

Still, those are mind disturbing issues to average Minangkabauans who are today identical with 100% Muslims and prefer to islamic aspects in their coming ancestral outlook. From this point, the author of this dictionary, Ali Cestar, a native Minangkabauan, English language major, working as freelance editor and media consultant, tracked all the historical values back to ancient times when early alphabets were first invented.

During his persistence of collecting enormous data from various sources and disciplines he discovered interesting facts about the history of man and civilization in which a symbol such as buffalo horn played an important role, and to where the path was pointed. As the result, he started to write his first ebook in Bahasa Indonesia titled "Tuan Bertanduk" (Horned Lord).

That was the time when business was not so good, job orders were rare while he was seriously troubled with financial matters. There was an idea to charge people for the ebook. In a world where people prefers most of things online are for free, selling "Tuan Bertanduk" ended up as a failure. Only one buyer made order. He decided to shut it up. But his work continued.

He then tried to make several contacts with publishers, but none responded. At this point his discovery has enabled him to disclose the truth, nothing but the truth, the whole truth, about historical mainframe of man's civilization.

Hopeless with local publishers who preferred to translating imported best-selling books for sale, he then contacted his former American professor to channel a mutual collaboration with any publisher in the US.

All data mining, research and analysis he silently conducted, however, required mind focus, absorbed time and energy which kept him away from business orientation. Thus a financial support was a must. But the old man did not reply, no idea what happened to him.

He also made an online correspondence with some NGOs interested in language issues such as endangered language support groups. But since Cestar is not a professor of a university which became main requirement of fund receipt, his proposal returned safely, in other word, rejected.

Working on scientific work without proper accommodation was surely a suicide endangering his family, different from university scholars who received their regular pay.

To some extent, his personal files might build up a great deal of money making with appropriate partnership and marketing strategies. The documented data that he possesses were set in a certain array for another planned book, "Language of Atlantis." But the road to become a successful writer commercially was already stuck there.

Lucky that he is surrounded by caring friends who provide enormous support in order to keep him alive. The 'Gratitude' page in this dictionary is made to underline his special thanks to them, of how they have become eye witnesses of a 'peace-keeping in mind' warrior declaring one of his crazy works in this chaotic world's order.

And to remark his highest respect to them, he took a piece of his files and launched this rare and unique lexicon titled "Minangkabau - Hebrew Identical Words" free online for every one, the only optional approach available at the moment to show that he exists as well as to open the world's eyes that many more series of his related work are coming next, with or without commercial assistance.

Depok 28 April 2011
on behalf of love, peace & brotherhood

The Publisher

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