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The Igbo (Hebrews) of Nigeria

Igbo Is Tired Of Staying In The Bloody North.

Eke Dike Chigozie Ozo Egede.

I have heard men who are no gods talking of Nigeria as indivisible, but I have known God to be the only Indivisible Being. Nigeria is fat with three major tribes; Igbo, Awusa and Yoruba. But these three have no qualified attribute of trinity, for they have no similarity of culture, tradition and religion. These natural dissimilarities between them prove it beyond all rational doubt that they are not co-descendant of similar ancestors, Culture, Tradition, philosophy and religion; therefore, the colonial British-made-trinity is forgery, not born-of-nature, which categorically disqualifies Nigeria from Indivisibility.

Indivisibility is purely a Divine-Character. And Nigeria as we know it in the philosophy of Amalgamationism is not a divine character, but only that which Awolowo perfectly described it as; “Nigeria is not a nation, but a mere geographical expression”.

Men who talk of the Indivisibility of Nigeria implies a Ritual Indivisibility, that is to say, Indivisibility annually activated and kept on by the annual ritual shedding of the Hebrew (Igbo) blood in the bloody North darkened with massacres and the mass graves of strangers in their lands (the very sin of Sodom). But this very colonial British made altar on which the Hebrew (Igbo) blood is annually sacrificed to ensure unholy indivisibility/unholy marriage must sink asunder, for what is put together by God no man can put asunder but, that faked together by man must never endure, as God never ordained it, as testified by the dividends of River Niger, and Intelligences endorsed it not. Therefore we are taking exodus out of the Bloody North. The “Nigerian” Hebrew (the Igbo) are no slaves and will never be slaves of the British whim; happily, proudly and unregrettably the West African Hebrew (the Igbo) goes Home and Home is independent peace; mother’s breast milk: it implies everything good. Do not mind our property in the bloody North, as they matter little to those whom God blessed with 20 Pounds (#40 as of 1970) after the war. When the Jews left Egypt they did not destroy their houses, and the slave-crazy Egyptians who were drowned in the Red Sea did not live to enjoy the structures of bricks built by the Mosaic Hebrews.

O! North
In the mass graves in your dry land
I see a million innocent Igbo blood
And Deep calls to Deep

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