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Igbo Political History and Ojukwu

OJUKWU Did Not Mislead The IGBO

By Eke-Dike Chigozie Ozoegede
(The Ojenammuo and Maguu=merchant of wisdom)

There was a story of a man, who was a loving and caring father and loved his family with all the virtues of fatherhood. One day, armed brutes broke through his walls and shot two of his children at sight. His other children, in fear and terror, rushed into the house calling to their father; “father, father…” and their father, who rightly understood “Fatherhood” as involving ensuring the security and the preservation of family, was deeply moved by that biological mystery between father and children, and fortunately having some three loaded pump action guns in his possession, he quickly and accurately, in the vocation of Fatherhood, armed two of his children and ordered defensive open fire from the moral rational instinct for Self-Preservation. This wise action he took was what saved his family from total annihilation by the historically blood-drunk brutes.

What a man, who is mentally healthy, psychologically normal and spiritually clean and with good common sense would ever think of such a father as misleading his children; would not a father show the reason for his being a father (the fatherhood of his office) when his children cry out to him in agony and woe? To be a father over a family means everything ensuring security and self-preservation; it is a man playing the role of God on material representation.

It pains to the soul hearing some Igbo men telling and foolishly educating the youth that Ojukwu misled the Igbo in leading them to defensive war (the very defensive war by which God saved the Igbo from calculated extinction by the zeal of Ojukwu), when the case was purely that, Ojukwu declared Biafra and Gowon declared war--war after massacre. And having declared war, should Ojukwu fold his hands and enjoy Nigerian soldiers freely crossing circumcised Biafran territories and entering her circumcised cities and villages freely doing whatever they will? Gowon having declared war on a nation his government denied security of life and property and abandoned to massacre like a sheep without a shepherd, which forced them to decamp to the breast of Mother Biafra flowing with milk and honey, should a wise military Governor like Ojukwu abandon his family (the Eastern Region) without resistance?; when he had the resources to unleash defensive attack to save the wounded and property-rubbed remnants of massacre (for Gowon, as the Commander –In-Chief of Arm Forces, has already declared war on Ojukwu and his massacre-agonized people). You think of the war claiming more circumcised Biafran lives, but without the defensive war as the circumstantial necessary evil foreseen by God who created Ojukwu for it, the Igbo would have been totally wiped out or reduced to barest minimum minority, as was the Arab secret agenda, for it is its secret law that every opportunity should be chameleonized for timeless dominance. And Egypt, on Arab secret basis, agreed to side Gowon who was absolutely ignorant that Arab interest was chameleonly using him under the opium of one-Nigeria.

I sincerely see no offence in the statement of some intelligent men that Ojukwu was a rebel, for I have always agreed with them that Ojukwu was a rebel for Justice, and he actually, in the legitimacy of his Office as the Eastern Governor appointed by the Federal authority, rebelled for the Justice denied: the Justice of security of life and property of the Igbo. To be called a rebel is to be called by a golden title and to answer a rebel is gracious, but moral questions come on it only on the basis of what you are rebelling for. Ojukwu rebelled for Justice denied, as the contents of the Aburi Accord testify.

What the father-founders of American Revolution against Britain are to Americans today is what Ojukwu and other Biafran war heroes are to the Igbo-as-Igbo today (Igbo-as-Igbo is always rational with sharp understanding and never forgets his Jerusalem of the Rising Sun), for it was the same principles of fundamental human rights which warranted American Revolution that warranted Biafran Revolution, therefore, if the father-founders of American Revolution are honourably held justified, Ojukwu and his men are also held as such. What best option do you think Ojukwu would had taken when about 40, 000 Easterners has become massacred (with pregnant women butchered and the foetuses butchered out of the wombs) in the most horrible unholy madness under the Federal See of Gowon who rejected the Aburi Justice, if not the declaration of secession to Home? And Biafra was, is and remains the Home since no place offers security and comfort than Home. Boko Haram who is the descendant of the massacre reminds and tells us we are strangers in Nigeria as the 1966 massacre notified and the war told us. Home is Mother: in her you are not a stranger, it is only her that has mother-affection for you (protects you from cold, breast feeds you with milk and honey, truly cares for and loves you, berries and mourns you affectionately when you die, since you are united to her biologically, not amalgamatedly). In the Home there is no mass grave, but there are mass graves in the land of the uncircumcised. In Egypt the Hebrew were berried in mass graves, but in the Promised Land such evil does not and will never come to be. And we are Hebrew, for the word Igbo is the corruption of the word Hebrew, therefore we are restless until we reach the Home.

The primary function of every rational state is the protection of life and property. When the state fails on these it has failed completely and is no longer rational, and the best option becomes Exodus. Immediately Pharaoh failed to protect the life and property of the Jews (Biblical) and started enslaving their men and massacring their children (Bokoharamic character) God Willed the Exodus of the Jews. You now clearly see there was a divine character in the Declaration of the Sovereign State of Biafra by Ojukwu. In the Declaration Biafra is Divinely Willed once and for all Igbotic ages and no force will quench this fire of sovereign freedom. But since Actualization is a different thing from Willing in both human intelligence and Divine Intelligence, we patiently wait for the division of the Red Sea, for the Biblical division of the Red Sea symbolically marked the Actualization of the Promised Land. If God does not divide the Red Sea how would the Hebrew cross to the Promised Land? And we are Hebrew and Biblical, because we also traditionally circumcise on the eight day after birth and our mothers go for three months Ọmụgọ as the Virgin Mary did for the mother of John the Baptist.

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