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The Capitalist Minority and Pres. Ebele Jonathan

President Ebele Jonathan as Our Last Patience
Eke-Dike Chigozie Ozoegede

I speak here as the voice of the Capitalist Minority. The Capitalist Minority is not from any particular region of Nigeria, they are from all parts of Nigeria. Capitalist Minority constitute of the down trodden, the unemployed graduates, the ignorant, the hungry, the home less, in fact, all the people of Nigeria abandoned in the political ghetto, therefore, disconnected from the realities of government.

In our country, the people are like less privileged as they swim in mass ignorance and poverty. This was created by leaders without vision for their own people. In such a nation the people are properly called Masses, while in nations with high rate of literacy and connection to government realities the people are properly called Citizens. The Masses (found where political authority is the Machiavellian apparatus for exploitation and cruelty, for example, in Nigeria) are like housemaids in the household, instead of biological members of the household—Citizens (found where political authority is Pharaohnic apparatus for attainment of truth, general happiness and beauty).

The word ‘Citizen’ is proper to a biological member of a State-hold. Thus, citizens are people who have a say, in fact exercise rational share of influence in the government of their State. In a country, for example, in Nigeria, where the Statehood is simply The Bondage, the people are rightly addressed as The Masses; they will only attain Citizenship after they are passed through the Red-Sea—out of the jaws of the wicked, which may righteously swallow some Egyptians, for every vent to a Red Sea admits a righteous swallow, as in mathematical equation where some numbers are necessarily cancelled to give room for the birth of a good number. In essence, I say, all Nigerian youths (Moslems, Christians, Pagans and atheists, employed and unemployed) let us unite and give President Jonathan our last patience.

Dear president Jonathan, we have elected you by our sovereign votes, save us with our sovereignty in you. take us out of the world of Masses and put us in the world of Citizens; help us come up to the proper political idea of the word Citizen; take us out of the poverty and ignorance that besiege us to the eagle’s wings of glory. You are our last patience. It was not fear that held our heroism in the past, but rational patience, and you are the conclusion of this our rational patience; the conclusion because you radiate hope. In this land where nature is extravagant with natural donations, there is no other moral decree left in the legion of the stars above and the rational human mind within, but the summons to the Red-Sea at the betrayal of the last patience. All laws will be our pillars of cloud by the day and all the stars our starry laws by the night, for even the waves and tides of the great waters cry that we have been over oppressed. The capitalist minority is not jealous of the capitalist majority in this country, for we are not Communists. The rational motion of the capitalist minority is that the equation of government realities be rationally balanced between the capitalist minority and the capitalist majority (the gap should not be an abyss); if equality is impossible, near-equality is not impossible, which is also rational and good.

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