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By Eke-Dike Chigozie Ozoegede (The Ojenammuo and the MAGUU—merchant of wisdom)

Every child of man necessarily needs education proper;
For it is by the power of knowledge shall we change the course of seas,

By the power of knowledge shall we relocate oceans

By her power shall we read the handwriting of nature (the hieroglyphics) on the clouds above and on the sand beneath our foot

By her power shall we mount the flag of Christian civilization in the major stars and the four arch planets

By her power shall we decrease and increase the beam of the Sun and the humble light of the Moon at rational whim, and by her power shall we discover that the inner sensorium of the Sun is as cool as a premise surrounded by permanent crystal rivers

By the power of knowledge shall we know the population of ideas roaring in the waves and tides of the great waters

By her power we shall discover that forests house more libraries than human universities

For it was by the power of knowledge that the ancient black Egyptians built pyramids. Imhotep was there

And in ignorance we continue to perish until we surrender to the ancient holy art of African mystery philosophy; as in war and blood nations build for Fire of annihilation until they surrender to the course of Truth and Reason.

Dear, I will continue in silent nights, when all the agents of noise lie down in shadows of death, to consult the remote antique priests of the golden joys of Black Africa, from Enoch to Pharaohnic eon until I rest in Chukwu, Who is the Chineke (the Creator).

By Eke-Dike Chigozie Ozoegede (The Ojenammuo and the MAGUU—merchant of wisdom)

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