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Terrorism Versus Christianity in Aba

By Eke-Dike Chigozie Ozoegede

Terrorism is primarily the act of violence having the civilians as targets. In terrorism, terror is directed against civilian communities or city-civilians as a means to an end. In Aba it was a means to financial end. The means and the end of terrorism are criminal, unjust and unholy, and can never be justified.

Recently, Aba Christendom was almost overthrown by coven of terrorists led by Osisikankwu. By very expensive kidnapping and raping of girl’s sanctuary they sent cold hands of terror into the hearts of women, children, youths and men, and the hearts of those who lost the life of their beloved to the seeds of violence and terror were torn by anguish. Like in the 1967 declaration of Biafra, Aba city-civilians started panicking out to their various villages and village became safer than city, even though the village is infested with few but dangerous Juju terrorists. There was fear and uncertainty every hour of the day, for the seeds of violence and terror really filled Aba atmosphere with smoke of terror and violence; they nearly reigned supreme. It is the Lamentations of Jeremiah that best describe the situation; who lamented of “Terror, Pit, and Snare before the inhabitants of a city”.

Aba Christendom was shaken, and the authority of her religion was nearly questioned and doubted by the Christians themselves, for they stood face to face with terror and terrorists, and rumors added more harm than good. The bishop of the faithful knows well that the church is not accustomed to the use of guns and bombs to fighting material evils, and that the church is traditionally accustomed to the prayer that pierces the clouds, and that by the prayer she has defeated kings and barbarians and continues to defeat foes. And Bishop Ezeoyia unleashed his spirituality; he declared a black Friday in solemn rosary procession consummated with the Benediction. The terrorists had terrors that issue from the barrels of guns, but the Christians have triumphs and victories that issue from prayer, for he who pulls the trigger will perish by bullets, but he who prays will be saved from smoke of hell. It was battle between the children of Light and the children of Darkness for supremacy over Aba. The children of Light were sure of victory and they won the battle and are in possession of the supremacy over Aba. Evil is large-and-loud-mouthed (makes too much noise) in its rise, but its fall is always like the fall of the proud Goliath before the simple David. Evil is reigning because the praying ones have not decreed in prayer. The Christians decreed “let there end come if they refuse repentance”, and there end came because they refused to repent within the given space of grace for divine amnesty.

The root of terrorism is to be found in the rejection to embrace Christ and His Gospels. It is this rejection that creates our socio-economic divorce from morality. From the dictates of Natural Law and truths of the Revelation the church calls and tells the youths to embrace Christ, who is the only One that can inspire them on how best to invest their talents and energy, which are their potential capital to the making of wealth. Our youths are potentially rich in their talents and energy, but how to morally translate them to physical wealth is their ignorance; they easily make evil use of their talents and energy. Christian civilization dictates that, you come to Christ, Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and He will show you the good way to translate your talents and energy, teach you the truth that will make you morally prosperous, and make your life like His life; teach you the imitation of Him.

May God save our youths from the poisons of modernism.

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