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Re: Please, not another Iraq.
In Response To: Please, not another Iraq. ()

Who are all you warmongers gearing up to fight? Where is the evidence that bin Laden or his followers did this? They don't even know if he's in Afghanistan, or somewhere else. Bush has been given a deck of wild cards to play with. He now has the power to bomb, shoot and burn anyone, anywhwere he wants, with the blessing of congress and his allies.

They've said this crusade will last years, in overt and covert missions, which may or may not be revealed. Read his speech again. They used to say that the war would be over by christmas, so how long will it really last? Revenge for this attack is just the beginning. What's next? bomb Belfast to find a few hundred IRA members? why not Dublin as well? The Basques are playing up as well in Spain, and then there's Corsica. Those Tibetans are always complaining as well, and as for those Quebecers...but then that won't happen will it, it's a bit too real: not cartoon-villainish enough.

Was Gaddafy justified in blowing up a plane over Scotland, in retaliation for Reagan sending planes from Britain to kill Gaddafy's children? It seems to me he was, if you follow this line of thinking.

What would you say if the police said they were going to blow up your street, because they said a suspect was hiding out somewhere in your neighbourhood? What if they said it was your neighbour? What if you said it was your best friend? your wife? your sister? your son? you?

Wouldn't you want them to show some proof?

Would you give them up and say "I'm sorry for causing you any trouble Officer."?

Or would you call it blackmail, extortion, terrorism?

Forget about what the US government has done in the past. Do you want them to become terrorists now? in your name? Whose blood do you want on your hands? Will you have any choice in the matter?

How many do you want to kill? How many people do you think hate the USA throughout the world? 1 million? 6 million? 1 billion? 5 billion? You might not like to think so, but many people don't think "the US is a beacon of freedom, hope and opportunity" and it isn't the reason they don't like it.
Do you want to kill all these people?

Or do you just want them to shut up? Or do you think they will stop resisting if you point a gun at them?

You can't win this war. Your enemies only need a plane ticket and a sharp object to defeat you.

Again I urge you to read this

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Please, not another Iraq.
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