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In many instances, it was the skewed tenets of American foreign policy that served, inadvertently or not, to prop up all kinds of crazy, backward regimes such as that of fundamentalist "mullahs" with their anachronistic feudal political structures reminiscent of the Middle Ages, or even that of modern brutal dictatorships as existed in Chile and Panama and the Philippines.

What is ironic is that some of these very backward regimes would in the long run turn against America and foster popular hostilities against her when it seemed to be in their narrow economic interests to do so, eg the Taliban and Iraqi regimes.

While all this is happening the masses of people therein are deliberately kept hungry and trapped in some twilight time zone mouthing and screaming emotional epithets, and at the same time their progressive strata are effectively isolated and quietly but brutally liquidated.


I am a Trinidadian"photojournalist" living and opperaing in South East asia and occassionally in the Balkans and Central Asia and the Middle East.
I was enjoying your contribution on the issue of reparations until your less inform paragraph attempted to vindicate you from allegations of America/West bashing and terrorist sympathy.
Of course I understand the in-thing of late..if you not with US you are with the [T]errorist.
Let us not subject our fears because of the ground rule that they that assume that might are right have laid down in the war of both civilizations.
Sorry to say, but you have little or no understanding of there allege accuse its conditions its virtues and its day-to-day affair.
You should not slander nor demonize them so that you can get your point of view to its indented audiences.
Take it from me I have been to those places. I am indeed surprise and proud of the countless articles that trinicenter have posted up on this matter and I circulate the throughout the region and take it from me people are happy to have these various interesting point of views and facts unlike the Jewish controlled media bashers of Muslim and non-Arian civilizations.
My Mother is of African decent and my Father is a Carib a direct link to the "Amerindian" indigenous people of the Americas and the Caribbean. I am by virtue of the fact a victim/descendant of Slaves and the colonized (indigenous peoples).
For everyone’s information Ousama Bin Ladin was never a puppet of the CIA although he was meant to be a tool. He was just a levelheaded intelligent person that tricked America in her zeal to stop Soviet Expansion. He is an enemy of two terrors that sought to split up the globe into parcels of real estate for their own commercial and ideological "supremacy" agenda.
Have you ever analyze carefully the African bombings?
The Hamburg discothèque bombings?
Pan Am Scotland flight Bombing?
Nicaraguan Port bombings?
USS Cole?
Suez canal?
How dare we forget that they had sufficient knowledge that should have aborted 27th July 1990 insurrection? Instead they waited and opted for leveling Port of Spain thus ridding it of all foreseeable opposition to its neo-colonial agenda.
Have anyone took a really close look at the subsequent collapse of the Twin Towers as a person familiar with explosives it appears to be a well planted device that usually can cause such a uniformed collapse, Absolutely Controlled!
The culture of manufactured consent “violent” is the hallmark of US intelligence and always non-whites or non-US-citizens are those who bare the brunt in engineering US foreign policy while establishing the boogie.

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