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US atrocity unacceptable not Israel India Russia

( Michel Chossudovsky ) Since the Soviet-Afghan war, recruiting Mujahedin ("holy warriors") to fight covert wars on Washington's behest has become an integral part of US foreign
The "Bosnian pattern" has since been replicated in Kosovo, Southern Serbia and Macedonia. Among the foreign mercenaries now fighting with the Kosovo Liberation Army(KLA) in Macedonia are Mujahedin from the Middle East and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union. Also within the ranks of the Kosovo Liberation Army are senior US military advisers from a private mercenary outfit on contract to the Pentagon as well as "soldiers of fortune" from Britain, Holland and Germany.

Please Mr.Michel Chossudovsky, you article couldn't much further from the truth as this one even if you wrote the script in Hollywood or the white house.
The US/NATO pact have never help militarily the Bosnian people. For your information secret warrants are still pending for those who took part in the war even Bosnian "Muslims"citizens. Why it is when a so-called paper is "conveniently release from the State department or congress we take it line hook and sinker, you seem to forget that there is where the Jews use as their playing ground.
You sincerely believe that Islamic Militants were in Kosova (and not KOSOVO) at the behest of the US? Well I can say one thing if you choose to spell the name of the country this way "kosovo" you are either on the side of the Serbs at the same time the Western Alliance which for some reason refused to recognized even the Albanian pronunciation which of course is the indigenous name of that Albanian province.
Back to the question of US support;
When Muslims began to pour into Kosova the US took a strangle hold of Fatos Nano PM of Albania at the time and they imprison many foreigners that came to aid what was perceived at the time as a war against Muslims. I worked as a photographer there and I had the eyes of and ear that was far more privilege than the USAID/CIA & OSCE personnel monitoring the war from Albania.

The Croats fought the Muslims and was like the flag on the staff driven in the direction where the wind blew, then the Serbs until a retired US General came to their aid at the behest of the State department and he took control of the Croats and transformed them into an army providing everything they needed.
Croatia was the only access into Bosnia? Yugoslavia from the outside world except if you were an Ally of Milosovic then you could have came directly through Belgrade like the US and France did under their Diplomatic credentials.
The Door was shut and Croatia cost the Muslims many lives and a billion dollars in passage money arms and humanitarian Aid thanks to the US policy in curbing the flow of Mujahiddin in the region.
Had it not been for the early entry of Iran and the Bin Ladin[s] the Muslim population might have been extinct by then. The US tried their level best to stem the support of Muslims participating in the war and the OSCE ultra right policy was even more determine than the US.
Get your facts straight and put and end to your hatred of Islam.
In Kosova March 5 1997 James Rubin visited Pristina because Madeline "the Butcher Too" Bright couldn't make the trip while in Pristina he said to the people that these was no evidence of terrorist activities in the area and that they had a right to be heard but at a press conference in Belgrade the same day as he wait to board his flight back to the US he said the there is activity of terrorism, as though he signaled to Milosovic the Go-ahead. The next day about 5:50 AM 300 was butchered and their bodies dismembered some burnt to hide the evidence Old folks women and children, the men was already off to the mountains as they were preparing for the inevitable.
I saw this with mine own eyes and it was my photographs that made it on the Internet to tell the world what was actually taking place. This was no civil war it was a genocide done by a professional army under the scrutiny of both the US and the OSCE.
Why American atrocities are unacceptable while Russia and her Allies are.
Before Serbian positions were bombed suspected Mujahiddin positions was first bombed, as the West didn't want to leave any Muslims/Mujahiddin around.
There are no Mujahiddin and there was never any in Macedonia. Thatís a blatant LIE.

I was a victim I had my hotel room stormed and most of my equipment taken by Albanian tugs mask in uniforms of brutality and automatic weapons the day I landed in Albania who left in White US made Ford sedan trucks with USAID printed on the sides.
They made of with US 10,000 satellite phones radio notebook H/held GPS and camera equipment.
When I called the US embassy the first time they acknowledge having my equipment but never returned it. Fist they assumed that I was an American but having learnt that I was from Trinidad they simply hang up the phone.

Let us put an end to the subsequent US-Muslim bashing Afghanistan was a convenience for all the world yet when the original inhabitants try to take charge of their own destiny here comes the know it all, condemning and vilifying every thing Afghani inadvertently very one/thing Islamic.

The US was dupe and most of us just canít seem to get over that, Fidel Castro /Manuel Noriega and Rafsanjani (Contra affair), managed to do it why canít Bin Ladin do the same?
What is so sophisticated about betrayal that such is unthinkable to have happen to the US and Great Britain?
What actually beats me is that we have so much educated guesses yet the crucial target remains even in the minds of the most ardent US bashers, focus and thatís an educated guess also; The Muslims done it 11/9. Just what the West has ordered. The focal point!
A crusade against Islam From the pen to the most digitized expression of taught, even from those how donít like [US]A.

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