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RE: How Nice People Lost Out In Durban


You have given a well thought out summation of the Durban Conference.All true Afrikans are nice by nature but the problem is that we do not know how to define and manage that which is nice. To be nice is to defend that which is just, moral and right and sometime it require that you take a position ready and willing to defend that which is honorable and just. Reparation is a honorable and noble cause that require not taking No for an answer and an attitude of no surrender to the cause for justice, and in this case it is Reparation and all that come with it. Being nice with restraints will get you no where, and that is the kind of niceness Afrikan people displayed in Durban, with the final result being the reception of disrespect by the controlling Nations, which ended up being of no benefit to the Afrikan people. There were never any good intention by the controlling Nations to give the issue of an apology for Slavery, Racism, or Reparation,respectful attention in Durban. In order for the Afrikan to get serious attention from the controlling Nations regarding those issues is that they must be treated with all seriousness by the Afrikans. That seriousness must reflex a behavior of demand for something owed to us and a willingness to go after it at all cost, using any means neccessary to reach our goal. Reparation is not something we are asking for as a chairty hand out but is a debt owed to us and we must develop an attitude that we intend to collect and No, to our request is not an option. In my opinion such a display of behavior represent the highest order of being nice in the face of truth, right, and justice. In america this is an issue between the one who did the enslaving and the descendants of those enslaved and tha same behavior and attitude should be reflected throughout the Diaspora. No offense should be ruled out as we move forward to accomplish our goal.Such a posture would demand respect toward the issue of Reparation.

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