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Hmm, America quietly paid the UN

Hmm, America quietly paid the UN outstanding money owed for the UN's support. They just announced a further 320 million dollar aid for Afghanistan and they are making all types of business deals to solicit the support of many nations.

So support is being purchased, WHAT'S NEW!

Hundreds of thousands could have died in Afghanistan due to the shortage of food and this issue is now commanding world attention as foreign leaders juxtapose themselves for what they believe is American aid.

Of course, Many countries are using this opportunity to rid themselves of opposition forces and are hoping that a coalition could be formed that could solidify their stay in power.

We are really in for a long run of discerning between world hypocrites.

Kudos for any starving Afghanistan people who survive because of the attention and I am sad for those in Afghanistan and opposition forces around the world who will die at the hands of America and its uncouth allies that are trying to attain world leadership.

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