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Terrorising the Truth

Knowledge and Power: Terrorising the Truth

The distortion of the image of Islam in the case of the occupation territories in the Middle East shows us that terrorizing the truth inevitably leads to terrorizing people.
It is the powerful who control the discourse on terrorism. They have ensured that the discourse will be in their favor.
Israel Great Britain and the US are doing everything in their power to stem the growing calls for a world conference on Terrorism through the auspices of the world body UN.
Their greatest fears are:
1. The characteristic of terror
2.Universal determinant of a Terrorist.
3.Accountablity to the 'world Court'.
4.Accountability retroactive from the end of WWII.

Hence Great Britain and the US hastily went off to bomb Afghanistan and to prepare the world particularly their dislikes that are determined to defend their sovereignty with threats and "anthrax" case manufacturing that will sooner or later garner consent as is currently the predicament of Afghanistan.
There is the need for a cultural deligitimisation of violence in America and the occupiers.

It must begin with a comprehensive understanding of justice. Justice should not only he the goal of any struggle, but it must be present in the very mode and method of struggle itself£ Such a comprehensive conception of justice must be seen as both the ends and means of war, understood in the most comprehensive sense of being both an internal as well as external struggle to achieve balance, harmony and equity within the individual as well as in the social sphere.
- The struggle for justice must also be fought on a truly Universal basis. Justice must be seen as a common goal of all humanity and so those who struggle for justice in their daily lives must also be prepared to fight for justice on behalf of others. Selective and partial justice that caters only to the need of westerners or only a select section of humanity cannot be regarded as justice in the any sense.
The struggle for justice must also be informed by a profoundly humanitarian ethos, which strives to affirm the common humanity among all parties concerned. There cannot be a struggle for justice as long as the parties concerned continue to dehumanise and demonise each other. Such a climate of distortion and intolerance can never lead to Truth and justice for the simple reason that it is based upon fabrications from the start. The challenge to affirm the humanity of the other, even if it happens to be that of an aggressor, is formidable but necessary nonetheless.
In effect major media conglomerates perpetuate, conceal and adore terrorism only when it suits the interest of they that commit/subject their victims to terror. As the media itself gain from acts of terror one cannot ignore the inextricable relationship between legal institutions of terrorism i.e.CIA, Mosad, MI6, RCMP under US an Israeli British Australian and Canadian law respectively though irrespective of international law and universal justice.
Yet in the face of a toothless international consensus of disapproval, any actions taken in self-defence is regarded extreme illicit.
We must give some credit here to the population at large, so easily mobilized by hack politician-demagogues who wrap themselves in the flag, lie incessantly, and ooze insincerity and hypocrisy. Both Lyndon Johnson and George Bush, after having maneuvered Americans into war, called for "prayers for peace" and were not jeered out of office. This is a populace that can revel in beating up Grenada, in winning a 1984 Olympics from which the only serious rival had been bullied into withdrawal, that applauds rival team quarterback injuries and systematically produces noise so that quarterback signals can not be heard by enemy teams. This is a populace whose enthusiasm for war escalates upon seeing the bombs soaring through the air. B-52s and smart bombs raining down on another relatively defenseless country brings out the flags and pride. This is a people that could elect and re-elect Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and vote in the unspeakable Bush-Quayle team. This is a people for whom the Southern Strategy works, and who could wax enthusiastic about the swaggering bully, liar, and sycophant Oliver North.

The media could thus focus on the brave boys, girls, generals, and officials to tell us all about their plans, moves, reactions, and miscellaneous thoughts. We could watch them in action as they take off, land, eat joke, and express their feelings on the enemy, weather, and folks back home,' They were part of an extended family, doing a dirty job, but with clean bombs and with the moral certainty of a just cause.
'the point was not often made out the enemy was relatively defense-less, in somewhat the same position as the natives colonized, extended, and enslaved by the West in past centuries by virtue of muskets and machine guns (see John Eflis' 7be Social Hisbn oftbe Macbine Gun). Our technical superiority reflects our moral superiority.

Normalizing the Unthinkable
Doing terrible things m an organized and systematic way rests on "normalization." This is the process whereby ugly, degrading, murderous, and unspeakable acts become routine and are accepted as "die way things are done.' There is usually a division of Tabor in doing and rationalizing the unthinkable, with the direct brutalizing and killing done by one set of individuals; others keeping the machinery of death (sanitation, food supply) m order, still others producing the implements of killing, or working on improving technology (a better crematory gas, a longer burning and more adhesive napalm, bomb fragments that penetrate flesh in hard-to-trace patters). It is the function of defense intellectuals and other experts, and the mainstream media, to normalize the unthinkable for the general public.' The late Herman Kahn* spent a lifetime making nuclear war palatable (On thermonuclear War, 7binkingAbout the Unthinkable), and this Strangelov- ian phoney got a very good press.
The United States has displayed great flexibility* in its concern with and relation to the UN and international law. The rules are: when these can be used to meet our ends, we are their dedicated advocates; but when the votes are going the wrong way, or international law interfere with our plans, the UN and international law are treated with d~ or are blithely ignored. And the establishment experts and media fall into line without a peep.
The brazenness in this dichotomized treatment and behavior, carried out with considerable self-righteousness, is remarkable. The United States can invade country after country m violation of both national and international law, accompanied by a demonization process that pits the United States against satan.

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