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Dear to oppose US/EU/UN not US/EU backed dictators

Are Muslims cowards fearfull of their US/EU/UN backed dictators even in the face of truth?
Indignation of an Israeli Writer: Ari Shavit* Cana: 102 Faceless Dead
We killed 170 people in Lebanon, most of whom were refugees,
during the month of April 1996. Many of them were women, old people, and children. We killed 9 civilians, one a 2 year-old-girl and one, a centenarian, in Sahniour, on 11 April. We killed 11 civilians, including 7 children, in Nabatyeh, on 18 April. In the U.N. Camp in Cana, we killed, 102 people. ( ...)
We made sure to inflict death from a distance, in a very secular manner, without the archaic idea of sin, without the antediluvian worry to consider man in the image of God, and without the primitive proscription: << You shall not kill! >>
Our solid alibi is that we are responsible for nothing that the responsibility falls on Hezbollah. A most doubtful alibi. For when we decided to launch a massive attack on the civilian region of South Lebanon (while Israel ran no vital risk), we decided, ipso facto, to spill the blood of X number of civilians. When we decided to drive half a million people out of their homes and to shell those who remained behind (while in Israel, we did not have one single victim), we decided, in fact, to execute several dozen of them. This (alibi) allowed us to make such cruel decisions without seeing our- selves as rotten. (...)
We killed them because the increasingly wider gap between the sacrosanct character that we attribute to our own lives, and the more limited character we give to theirs, allowed us to kill. We believe, in the most absolute manner, with the White House, the Senate, the Pentagon, and the New York Times on our side, that their lives do not have the same weight as ours. We are convinced that with Dimona (Israel's atomic site),, Yad Vashem and the Shoah Museum in our hand, we have the right to compel 400,000 people to evacuate their homes in 8 hours. And we have the right, at the end of 8 hours, to consider their homes as military targets. And we reserve the right to rain 16,000 shells on their villages and their populations. And we reserve the right to kill without any guilt feelings. (...)
But all this cannot alleviate the gravity of the massacre, Israeli style, and our responsibility for its execution. For it is perpetrated,

ćAri Shavit, Haaretz New York Times Syndication
*Ari Shavit is a writer and columnist of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. He lives in Jerusalem. (Translated from Hebrew in Liberation [21 May 19961).

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Dear to oppose US/EU/UN not US/EU backed dictators
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