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Re: kush and egypt debate
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Saddam Hussein, Just gave a speech, in which he said "Temmuz returns to say to all evil Tyrants and oppressors of the world: You will never defeat me this time. Never! ".

If I'm not mistaken--which I may be--Although Saddam, seems to speak of "it" as a force or era, Temmuz, is another form of Tammuz, who is Marduk, Ra, Osiris, Horus, Jesus, Nimrod, Enlil, Etc;

Iraq, is in the sphere, of Lord Marduk.

I once stated on a site months ago, that this war on terroism is really a war initiation against the returning messiah of the poor and oppressed.

All of these Elites, who run this world are heavily into the occult, and always have been.

Marduk is scheduled to return in the year 2013.
Look for an all out attempt to destroy the entire world before then.

Also, take heart, because the riegn of Thoth(mammon) is all but over. The plot to take all of Humanity down with him, will fail, and soon the great Lord of justice, peace, unity and progress will riegn supreme again.

I, in no way support Saddan Hussien, because it seems to me, he set up a hundred thousand of his people like sitting ducks,for slaughter in dessert storm.

The reason for this post is to throw some awareness out there for some of my people, who can discern.

Saddam, like all these Elites, know something big is about to happen in the spiritual, or unseen world, and they know who the players are.

pass it on.

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Re: kush and egypt debate
Re: kush and egypt debate
Re: kush and egypt debate

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