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Re: tomy persian friend
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thank you for your post and I would like to clarify my position that no I am not a racist (except for Arabs whom I aknowledge as the natural enemy of my nation and people but that is a different story).

I apologize if some of my responses came out a bit irrate but I have an axe to grind with some people who follow the views of the nation of Islam and its racist ideology, as much as I do wtih the members of the KKK. I found both their views not to mention comments about Iranians distasteful over the years and I would like to substitute my comments for such people, and not the entire black race as a whole.

I have travelled to 4 continents over my lifetime and came across and befriended all kinds of people. It is true as you mentioned that Persians used Ethiopians as light infantry skirmishers in the time of Xerxes. As a matter of fact I have seen images of the Greek pottery and vases that illustrates the Ethiopian Marines in Persian service.

Once again, I wish to clarify my position for I personally am not of a racist nature however I do abhor and wage war on those people i view as racist, IE a few of the people on this post who seem to have hijacked the scholarly discussion in order to advance a dark political agenda which is reminiscent of the nation of Islam's (Farakhan's cult) view that all black or dark skinned people are the Earth's "true people" and that the light skinned individuals are mutants who simply came out wrong in a scientifical experiment before being banished to teh Caucasus.

Only recently by chance i came across a website that left my stomach sick. As I was conducting a search on the Negritos and Australoids (as I said ebcause I find it intersting that they were the original inhabitants of much of southern Asia including Iran plus since my brother in law and niece have features common to this race), I entered a search and found myself in this site that spread so much hatred and nonsense about light and white skined people. That person is one of the posters on this site.

Unfortunately, in an effort to expose that distasteful bigorty, I seem to ahve insulted the wrong people and once again, apologize if I offensed those my comments weren't intended for. I hope that we can all have producting exchanges in this forum in the future so we can all learn in the long run.


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