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On the Elamites

Until relatively recently, many scholars including the world renown late Roman Girshman thought of the Elamites as an essentially Asianic Mediterranean race of people speaking, like the majority of the people on the Iranian Pleateau prior to the Aryan invasions (circa 4000 years ago)a Caucasic tongue related to the languages of Georgia and much of the Caucasus (Abkhaz, Mingrellian, Daghestani etc...)

Of particular interest to me is the nature of the depictions ofo Elamite as well as Mede and Persian soldiers on the walls of the palace of Shush now mostly at the Louvre Museum in Paris.
The elite Immortal division of the Persian army during Achamenid times was composed of Persians, Medes and Elamites (and perhaps at times Scythians). I have several original pictures of these walls and these show guardsmen of different ethnic origin parading with their respective regimental colors.

To my surprise, 2 out of 3 of these guardsmen were depicted as blond with green or blue eyes. These represented the Persian and Mede nobility unmixed with the aboriginal population. Then, there were Elamite warriors whose skin was, for all purpose, black. Most had straight or wavy hair but a few seem to have had more curly hair (this may have been due to the then common practice of curling hair according to Assyrian practice and thus reflected a fashion trend rather than an ethnic trait).

The Elamites were black skinned, as well the people of eastern Iran whom Herodotus refered to as "Asiatic Ethiopians". Over the years, more in depth studies has revealed that the language of teh Elamites was in fact an archair form of Dravidian. The red ware style of of Elamite pottery was also similar to that found in northern INdia during the Mohenjo-Daro and Harrapa civilization. Today, there remains very little doubt taht these people were in fact Dravidian.

What is a Dravidian? Dravidians may be a very ancient mixture of local Mediterranean physical types commonly found (to this day, probably the majority element among Iranians) on the Iranian Plateau with Australoid people of the Veddoind type. THe result was the features common to teh Elamites including short stature, longish face, straight hair and blackish skin.

Although the ethnic character of Iran has been redrawn and modified many times over the millenia, you can still travel to places such as Kerman in the south east as well as Zanjan and the pronvince of Balutchestan (home of Herodotus' Asiatic Ethiopians) and see these racial affinities among the locals who still live mostly on fishing, just as they had for thousands of years.

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